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You Already Know That Infusionsoft is
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You know a quality website can generate sales, but you don't want to have to build your sales page from the ground up.

Real Estate Solutions offers a complete, quality, collection of content and campaigns that will leave you empowered and able to completely focus on your sales.

Nine Real Estate Infusionsoft Campaigns

Reach more customers and jump start your commissions
with these specifically engineered campaigns:

General Listing Campaign:

Use this tool kit to build confidence in potential sellers so that they will understand the traps, pitfalls and options in the home selling process

Short-Sale Listing Campaign:

Build a rapport with clients and educate the potential seller about the short-sale process

FSBO Campaign:

Show customers how they can give value if they want to sell their homes "by owner"

Z-Buyer Campaign:

Find out strategies for successfully reaching out to your Z-buyer leads

General Buyer Campaign:

Stay in front of your valuable buyer leads, providing them with helpful guidance and consistent interaction in this very successful 24-month nurture campaign

Expired Listing Campaign:

Give your sellers insight and warnings about effectively selling their homes

COI / Past Client Campaign:

Connect with and qualify clients whom you have worked with in the past

RentBO Campaign:

Bring solutions to customers who want to rent out their homes

Dave Ramsey Campaign:

Everything you need to know about utilizing Ramsey-specific tools to increase your business.

Invaluable One-on-One Instruction

Let's face it, the more you understand about Infusionsoft, the better you will be equipped to evolve the marketing automation of your firm. Real Estate Solutions offers you all of the one-on-one instruction you will need for real success, including two 1-hour training sessions on the use of Greg Harrelson's campaigns, Infusionsoft training on how to customize Greg's content for your firm, a complete overview of Infusionsoft systems and complimentary integration for Real Geek's clients.
What more could you ask for!

Access to the Members-Only
Educational Portal

Videos are a powerful training tool, especially when you are entering into a new marketing system. With Real Estate Solutions, your will have full access to the members-only educational portal where you can see videos describing the use and value of every Greg Harrelson Infusionsoft campaign and instructional videos and articles on using Infusionsoft for marketing real estate. These tools will show your customers how easy and effective selling Real Estate can be with Infusionsoft.