What Tech Tools Do You Need?

Generate more listings

Increase your production

More free time

Real Geeks IDX and CRM

Real Geeks is the CRM and IDX solution that we find to be a balance between affordable and effective. The system has Property Valuation tools, Facebook integration, SMS Auto Responder,  Lead Manager CRM, Market Reports, Lead Capture, Lead Nurture through workflows and much more.

Greg Harrelson personally uses Real Geeks as his main website and CRM.

Pipedrive CRM

The Pipedrive CRM is very effective for pipeline management. The system is very easy to use and enables you to keep track of your hot leads and not forget your warm leads. The CRM is great for real estate agents that need good visuals on a daily basis. Pipedrive is a CRM solution only and does not have IDX abilities.

Exact Dial

Agents are always looking for an advantage over their competition. Eactdial.com is a data append service that will help you find that missing piece of data that helps you make a connection. Sometimes your leads will give you the wrong number or email and exact dial can help you find the accurate info…fast and easy.


This is the company that no one knows about. Tubebuddy is a service that teaches you how to optimize your videos so they show up more in search results. The more you show up, the more views you get and subscribers to your channel. This is so inexpensive that you need to look a this.


More and more agents are looking to leverage Virtual Assistants to help them scale their business. Onlinejobs has connected many agents to assistants from the Philippines. They are skilled and in many cases can find staff that already has real estate experience.


If you are looking to build a database that turns into “Come List Me” calls then Homebot is something to look at. Based on our use, Homebot has the highest open rate than I have seen with any product we have used. Database nurture is more important than ever yet it time consuming and leveraging Homebot will make it easier for you and enhance the customer experience.