7 Questions To Reflect On Before The End Of The Year

What have you learned from this extraordinary year?

This was an unusual year. With the Covid pandemic, the entire real estate landscape has changed. Inventory and interest rates hit record lows while buyer demand went through the roof. Did you see it coming? Were you prepared? What was your biggest take away?

What did you do well this year?

Look back on how you performed this year. Look at your production. Was it what you expected, better or worse? Look at your mindset, your health and relationships. How did you react to the pandemic? Where did you excel?

What do you need to improve on for next year?

Where did you fail this year or not perform as well as you should have?  What should you have done differently this year and can do starting now to have a breakthrough year, next year?

What opportunity did you miss out on this year?

Many agents had their best year ever this year. Agents sitting on a lot of inventory going into the year saw all their inventory sell. Any one taking a listing saw multiple offers and escrow instantly. Many agents saw the opportunity in building a team and watched their production grow. What did you miss out on?

What opportunities do you see for yourself next year?

NAR, Zillow and just about every economist is predicting a strong 2022 or at least more of the same for the first half of next year. What opportunities are you seeing that you will make sure you capitalize on this time?

How do you rate yourself in the area of health and fitness, and what will you do differently next year?

Gyms were shut down in many areas of the country. Schedules and routines were all thrown out of wack. How did you react? Did you find a way to stay in shape, get in better shape or did you let yourself go? What are your health and fitness goals for next year?

How do you rate yourself in the area of family and personal relationships and what will you do differently next year?

This is another area that challenged many people. Were you all work and no family time? Or did you make sure the most important people in your life came first? What will you do next year to make that you excel in this area?