Real Estate Sales Solutions Agent FAQ

Agent FAQ on our best courses and what works for our agents.

Question 1: What are the different coaching options you offer?

A: We have two great Group Coaching Programs. We have Agent Success Academy, which is a coaching company with myself and Abe Safa. We have a coaching call every week via Zoom as well as a Q & A session where you can ask any Real Estate related questions to Abe Safa. We have much more, and you can check it out on the website under Coaching Programs. The next coaching program is called Real Geeks Mastery, RGM is a mastery group where we have a coaching call with other Real Geeks users, and we discuss different topics regarding how to efficiently use your Real Geeks website for your business. We have a coaching call every Thursday. You can also learn more about it on the website under Coaching Programs.

Question 2: Do I delete the DNC (National Do Not Call Registry) expired and FSBO or any other way to reach them?

A: We NEVER recommend you contact any DNC.


Question 3:  Can you give 1 example of a Real Estate goal to keep things in perspective based on Call Reluctance?

A: It took about 3-4 months for me to really start getting comfortable. You will get better and it will get easier. Your challenge is that your call reluctance is stronger than your failure reluctance. Right now it is better to failing in real estate than to be uncomfortable in making calls. You can choose to change that, or you can choose not to. Unfortunately, there is not magic pill, you just have to do it.


Question 4: Obviously calling is our number one source of income. Would you recommend any other marketing that works? Just listed or just sold postcards etc or adding on a telemarketer?

A: They all work. It’s just a matter of being consistent. I do seller valuation Ads on FB that do really well. I’ve done postcards off and on and work well. It’s all good but only as secondary or supplemental to calling.


Question 5: Hey there, curious on if you can share what yours or Greg’s monthly market update video looks like?

A: Go to Myrtle Beach Real Estate TV on YouTube.


Question 6: I can’t find on the website what the commitment is for coaching – how much notice do you need if I end up cancelling or pausing coaching for a bit?

A :We do not have any contracts or long-term commitments for our coaching programs, you can cancel your subscription anytime through your account or let us know!


Question 7:  Morning! What Dialing System are you using? Secondly, I have delegated every portion of my business outside of prospecting, listing appointments, and negotiating. From the outside looking in, what else should I do to optimize?

A: I use Mojo and it’s been great. Second, become a lead generating machine. Find ways to generate more leads and then find a way to go close those leads.


Question 8:  Hey! Is there somewhere that I can change my payment method?

A: You can change your payment method inside your Thinkific account under your billing settings.


Question 9: Do you have experience with Z Buyer, do you recommend it?

A: We both use Z Buyer.  It’s like all other lead sources. You must put in the work and nurture those leads.

Question 10 : Question on Pipe Drive integration with Mojo… Can you send a lead on mojo to pipe drive CRM without having to type the information in manually?

A: Yes, If you use Zapier.