4 Ways To Use Infusionsoft To Scale A Solo Agent Business

4 Ways To Use Infusionsoft To Scale A Solo Agent Business

As a solo agent, one of the biggest challenges one faces is scaling the business and leveraging systems.

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘If you don’t have an assistant….you are an assistant.’?

The same applies for processes and systems…’if you don’t have a process or system then you are the process and the system.’

So, if you are the assistant, the process and the system, how can you scale?

If you are a solo agent and want to Level Up your business then you will need to implement a marketing automation program immediately.

The first and most important area to automate is your database nurturing systems.

In a world where everyone is competing for attention, you will need a systematic approach to drip, monitor and identify the people in your database that is most likely to do business in the short run while adding value to those that are not thinking about buying or selling.

Adding value prior to them doing business is critical to growing a business to the next level.

Here are 4 Ways To Use Marketing Automation To Scale A Solo Agent Business:

1. For Sale By Owner Campaign

The challenge with a solo agent and FSBO’s is the follow up.

All of the money is made on the follow up and because this takes a lot of time, the solo agent doesn’t have enough time in the day to get this done.

We’ve built a great FSBO campaign where you can leverage the system to generate more listing appointments.

A smart drip on For Sale By Owners is important because it allows you to add value to the FSBO prior to them being a client.

When you add value before they are a client, they become a client faster!

2. Adopt A Buyer Campaign

Very few agents, mega teams included, take the time to adopt the buyer from the other side of the transaction.

As a Solo Agent, it si common for the agent to specialize in a few areas. This is the right thing to do yet the challenge is it makes it tough to breakthrough to the next level.

Working the Adopt A Buyer program is important if you want to build relationships that will convert to listings in the future.

You already listed the home once, how about adopting the buyer who purchased your listing, nurture them for the next 6 years and earn their business when they are ready to sell.

3. Active Seller Communication

Growing your listing inventory comes with increased demands for communication.

It’s important to personally touch your active sellers yet you can automate a portion of that process.

Combining your personal touch with automated touch will take you listing side business to the next level.

This allows you to increase your communication while you increase your inventory.

Typically it is the opposite…you get more listings and have less time to communicate or you communicate more and take less listings.

These are the challenges of the Solo Agent yet they can be solved.

4. Implement a Lead Identification System

We always here about lead capture and lead conversion yet the way to breakthrough to the next level is by understanding lead identification.

Have you ever called a lead too late to find out they had already listed or purchased through another agent?

We are using a smart drip system to identify these opportunities so we can call these leads before these leads call our competition.

We have these triggers set up throughout our Infusionsoft campaigns in order to identify leads that are already in our database.

Think of these features as loss prevention. Minimizes the loss of opportunities that you already have in your database but don’t even know.

As a Solo Agent wanting to get to the next level, your first team member needs to me automation.

Typically, the solo agent has a larger database than they think. If you just download the names in your cell phone, you will see that you have twice as many contacts as you thought.

Then, look in your email and you will notice how many emails you have of people that are not in your databases, get them in that database now.

Add every vendor in your market. I am sure you would love to get referrals from more mortgage professionals, appraisers, attorneys, repair people and more. Get them in your database and start dripping on them now.

This was an important lesson I learned years ago… “If I am going to get to the next level, I need to start functioning as if I am already at the level.”

One thing that Infusionsoft does for my agents is help them handle more volume of leads at one time. They can scale their business AND continue to add value and enhance their service.

Without marketing automation in place, it becomes difficult to grow.