Infusionsoft – Real estate agent to agent referrals system

Infusionsoft – Real estate agent to agent referrals system

One of the most overlooked means of generating real estate sales is through agent to agent referrals. Think of all of the money that is spent on Zillow, Trulia, BoomTown and various other real estate leads systems. By the time that you get a lead and close a deal, the acquisition cost of that lead was the same if not more than what you would have to pay a fellow real estate agent to referral you a prequalified lead.

I am not knocking these paid systems yet the more we get involved with them, the more we get away from using the things that have worked for years.

With the internet and tools like Infusionsoft, we are able to communicate with other agents across the country at a very low cost. In addition to the low cost, we are able to demonstrate to the consumer as well as other agents our strengths and specialties.

There are agents doing 30 deals per year just off of referral business from other agents. That is not a bad number to add to the deals that you may already be doing by other systems.

The biggest complaint that I hear with agents is that they do not have time to network and that is where referrals will come from. Yes, networking is one way to generate a relationship for which a future referral may be born.

Another way is to share an informative real estate tip or strategy on a monthly basis. Imagine if you had 1000 agents across the country getting a real estate tip from you every week. Do you think at some point they may see you as an authority? Once you establish that type of relationship with other agents, they will always think of you when needing a referral agent for your area.

Give and you shall receive.

I am doing this now and I have never received more referrals in my 17 -18 years of business.

If you cannot think of tips to send to your database then you may consider using some of mine. If you are not currently using Infusionsoft for your real estate business then let me know and I can show you how to get free real estate content preloaded in your Infusionsoft system.

The free content is only available for those that are NOT current Infusionsoft users. There is no catch…email me and you will see what I mean.

Good luck and remember, agent to agent referral business is very profitable.