Behind the Scenes – Greg’s Personal Notes for 2012 Company Meeting

2012 Goals and Intentions

Finally, the spot light is on us for positive reasons. Many of our unknown enemies are becoming our known advocates. Of course, there are still those agents and companies that have not figured out how to improve and empower their agents so they still talk negative yet for the most part, that has decreased to a much lower level.


There are a few reasons why the energy is shifting to a more positive light.

1. You all are highly skilled compared to the competition and it shows when you are negotiating with other agents.

2. The staff is highly skilled and it shows when we are setting up showing, discussing listing details or through the closing process.

3. Obviously, the volume we have done has impressed others.

4. The training tips that I send have brought some of the other agents defensive guards down.

5. A few of us are board members at the MLS for the first time in 17 years.

I am sure there are many more reasons that the perception of The Harrelson Group is shifting.


Today, I want to discuss the following…

1. Discuss the numbers for 2011

2. Discuss goals for 2012

3. Discuss what phase we are about to enter and what we need to do about it. (Stabilization)

4. Discuss the opportunity that we have before each of us.

5. My 5 year vision for the company


2011 Recap

Numbers and Milestone:

–  850 closings – We stayed the same while others declined

–  Increased amount of business from our SLD

–  Increased amount of traffic from Internet – approximately 400,000 visits to the THG site

–  A lot of you have made THE TURN

–  Number of consumer and agent complaints have declined – You seem to follow MK instructions well

–  I started taking buyers more serious

–  We saved the consumers millions of dollars in future losses by telling the truth


We have basically set the stage for a huge breakthrough


2012 Goals

–   1000 Active Listings by October – Currently around 500 actives right now

–   2000 deals – 1435 closed in 2012 yet on pace by October to do 2000

–   350 price reductions per month as a company

–   Increase our SLD to 60,000 from 29,000 right now

–   Increase our internet exposure to over 1 million visitors amongst our family of websites.

–  Improve the consumers experience when dealing with our company.

–  Grow the number of agents we have at the company to 50

****In addition to the goals I stated above, what additional goals do you feel we should have as a team?

Stabilization Phase

–   2 years in a row same numbers

–   Improvements everywhere

–   Public awareness increasing- we are on the radar

–   Agents want to work with us

Stabilization is a fork in the road


The Harrelson Group – Near the Tipping Point

The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or production level crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. Just as a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu, so too can a small but precisely targeted push cause a fashion trend, the popularity of a new product, or an extraordinary increase in market share.

The Tipping Point will change the way people think about selling products and disseminating ideas. The increase in production gets so much attention that others have to change the way they do business.

The Tipping Point is where widespread popularity can be attained.

The Tipping Point has the Stickiness Factor as the quality that compels people to pay close, sustained attention to a product, concept, or idea. (People are paying attention to those that have skills and demonstrate a desire to serve)


People are talking about you:

–  Gary Keller thinks WE are one of the most successful teams in the country.

–  Rick Davidson said to me, “I have met with 50% of the owners within the C21 system and I have never met an owner that has a team doing as well as you do”

–   Mike Ferry consistently uses US as an example of how things should be done.

–   Agents fly here from other states to see US.

–  Owners of other local real estate companies are admired about what WE do. Just yesterday, Marvin Hyde ask if we would share some coaching to his staff at Prudential.

–  The board requests and allows US to come in and conduct training for the entire MLS

These, as well as the things I mentioned at the start of this meeting, are the very things that exist prior to a tipping point.


IMPORTANT to understand:

A company does not pass the tipping point unless each individual; agents, staff members, and family members that participate in the business are all reaching a personal Tipping Point themselves. The company is nothing more than the collective efforts of all involved.

I have been reflecting on each of you since I have met with you about the new year’s plan and goals. A few observations…

1. Everyone I met with was prepared.

2. Everyone I met with had a goal

3. Everyone I met with was transparent and ready to learn.

4. Everyone I met with had more confidence.

5 Everyone I met with wanted something more.

I feel in my heart that EVERYONE in our office is ready and excited to go to the next level. I feel that you want it because you are starting to believe you can have it.

That is the TIPPING POINT for each of us as individuals as well as the entire company.


Questions on Tipping Point?




Where is the Opportunity in Tipping?


– It is momentum on steroids.

– Developers want you to list subdivisions

– Other agents give you referrals

– COI referrals

– Companies want us to take over their operations

– More incoming calls to list

– The buyer databases start buying

– much more…



How Do We TIP?


In order for our business to TIP, we must make another push to improve our servicing systems as well as increase the amount of business that we generate.


Let’s discuss some things that we must work on:


The systems to focus on:

–   Systematic company-wide price reductions

–   Integrating more websites to increase leads

–   Personal websites for each agent in the office

–   Increase the size of our database for SLD

–   Smart Drip programs for BLD and SLD

–   Integration of the ARCH system to the BLD drips

–   Enhanced communication with our current clients

–   Enhanced communication with the other agents in the MLS

–   Transition into a paperless company to cut costs as well as increase speed


****What other systems to you feel we need to be adding, deleting or improving upon as a company?


The key to success for all of US is to remember that WE are a team.

What will it take to go past the Tipping Point?

(questions for everyone)(generate a list of new ideas)



My Vision for 2017 (5 years away)

Here we sit in the office of the CEO of Century 21 corporate. All of us packed into his oversized executive suite that opens up to a board room with enough seats to accommodate 100 people. Everyone is dressed in business attire, looking healthy and wearing the most confident smiles that you can imagine.

This was not an ordinary meeting. This is THE meeting where each of us get to tell our story. The story of how we did it.

The reason we are here is because the CEO wants to know what is happening in this small office in Myrtle Beach that allows them to reach number one status without 700 agents. Why is our per agent production the highest of all companies across the county? How did they actually go from 7% market share to over 35% in such a short period of time? How do the agents and the staff have time to live their dreams by travelling, volunteering and excelling in different hobbies? Why the hell is everyone smiling and acting like immature kids?

As we leave the meeting at the C21 headquarters, one of you turned around and said, “I have one last thing to share Mr. CEO. The real reason that we did what we did was because we believed we could and we felt it was our duty to Be the Impossible.”

It’s now 6 in the evening and we are all gathering around the hotel restaurant discussing our journey over the past 5 years. Each of us have the stupid little journal that I gave you years ago and are reading a few pages. Some of the stuff is so funny, some is sad yet most of the stories are filled with tiny life lessons that led us to the place we are.

Sitting here, something has just occurred to me. Yes, I am inspired by what we have all accomplished. But, we are more than our accomplishments. I sit her looking at how you interact with one another. Each of you has a willingness to lift the other up when they are down. Push your teammate when they are being lazy. Call them out on their BS. Be angry and then forgive. Offer help before it is requested.

I get it now…we are a TEAM of individuals that care about each other. Each of us have our own personal goals to reach while always looking to assist our teammates in reaching theirs.

It is late, I’m lying in bed and I’m having a tough time going to sleep. I keep thinking about the number of deals that we closed, the fact that some of you are my partners in other business opportunities, and the accomplishments that we reached in non – business related areas. I get out of bed full of energy and start mind-storming. The topic, what’s next?


My vision over the next 5 years is that each of you will reach your personal goals in life as well as business.

The most important thing is that each of us experience joy along the journey. There will be times when you wonder if what you are doing is right yet that is the time when you learn the most about yourself. There will be times when you don’t feel joy…that is okay also. You have to taste sour sometimes to truly enjoy sweet.


What do I need to do now?

1. Think of yourself as if you are already doing more business and make sure your systems can handle it.

2. Present with confidence as if you have already achieved the Next Level.

3. Finalize your business plan and give it to Stacey Weaver by this Wednesday. She will be faxing them to me for review in Florida.

4. Start generating some energy by working out…can be walking..get moving.

5. Listen to one audio tape over the holidays. Get inspired.

6. Get organized

7. Identify your weakness and correct them before 2012.