Build Community Domination with Infusionsoft Real Estate Campaigns

Real Estate agents have struggled for years trying to figure out how to monetize their database.

The reality is there is more money lost in lack of proper communication with an agent’s database than any other area in the business. It not only takes quality nurture campaigns but it also takes a robust delivery system that can notify you of who is engaging and who is not.

There is a huge opportunity in the real estate market for agents to go back to FARMING!

Yes, I said it…FARMING is back and it is providing better results than ever.

Let me explain how you can Create a Farming Strategy That Will Help You Dominate Any Community.

Infusionsoft Community Donation Plan:

  1. Make sure you are adding all of the names in the community that you would like to dominate. You many want to choose more than one.
    You can use Cole’s Directory to get this information.
  2. You must add these community owners to your Infusionsoft Database and create a tag named the Community Name.
  3. One you’ve built the community database inside of Infusionsoft then you want to kick off your campaigns.
    For those who are using my personal content then you would need to activate the SLD campaign.
    If you are not currently using my Infusionsoft drip campaigns then you would want to create a series of emails and texts that would go out to the database bi-monthly for the next 24 months. You can do this in most CRM’s.
  4. In addition to the emails that you have sent, you need to add it to your calendar to call the owners in the community once per month.
  5. If you really want to dominate a community then you would add a direct mail piece to send to the owners each month.
  6. And, to completely dominate the community, you would export your Infusionsoft database of that community and you would create a Facebook Custom Audience and post a video of you giving a market update each month.
    Once you create the video for Facebook…make sure you use that same video and include it in your Infusionsoft emails each month.

Think about what I just shared…

You would focus on one community (or more) making your sure that you are using multi-channel marketing strategies to become the authority for that community.

You want every owner in the community to know who you are and know that you are a specialist in their area. People want to work with the agents who know their area.

The key to this campaign is being everywhere your contacts could be. If they spend time on Social Media, they will see you. If they open their mailbox, they will see you. If they answer their phone, they will hear you. If they look in their inbox, they will see you.

If you are going to Dominate A Community than you need to Dominate Mindshare.

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We have helped hundreds of real estate agents with building their database and communicating to that database using automation.

If you want to build a long-term sustainable flow of ‘come list me’ calls and a system that will help you identify which buyers need your attention then you should consider our Infusionsoft solution.

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