Cash In with COI

Cash-In on your Center of Influence

I have been sharing a lot about mindset today. Talking about how to approach your business from the mental side.

I do believe that this is the critical component that will influence your success the most.

I do want to give you at least one simple system that you can take back to your office and immediately create more income.

I am the type of person that likes to keep things very SIMPLE so don’t underestimate how effective this system will be because it appears to be so easy….


Here are the Simple Rules:

1. Compile a complete list of your COI or Sphere in Interest

– The key is to get everyone in one database…not spread between your email account, smart phone and the old pad of paper.

– Understand, you probably have more people NOT recorded than recorded so you must take a note pad and start writing down everyone you know..

Think of people at…..

Gym    Accountant   Attorney         Inspectors      Mortgage       Baseball        Yoga

Advertising    Alarm Systems         Aerobic          Beauty Salon        Bagel Shop

2. Mail them once every 90 days – Once per quarter

3. Call them once every 90 days – Once per quarter

4. Ask for a referral every time – You can take a very soft approach

5. Give great service to each person they refer so you can get additional


What Can You Expect:


  • 10% of your list size is how many referrals you will get per year       100 people = 10 referrals.

Why don’t people do it?

* They do not believe they have good enough skills or knowledge

* They are afraid to be rejected by friends

* They don’t believe in the level of service that they provide…they can lie to their friends until they actually do a deal with them.

* They don’t want to appear to be begging for business or appear that they need money. Get Over It!