Coaching Call – Transform Your Business in 7 Days

No matter what your production level, there is always an opportunity to grow your production without reinvention of your business and many times without much effort. Typically, the going to the next level takes less physical effort then it takes to produce at the currently level.

Though the next level is not physically taxing, it can be mentally challenging for most of real estate agents.

Too often, we think we have to reinvent, rebuild or even start over if we are going to experience massive growth in our business. This is NOT the case!

There is more business within your reach right now and if you take the proper steps then you can capture some of it within the next week.

A few questions to identify where there may be some immediate opportunity…

First of all…Who wants to grow their business?

1. Who called old expireds at night last week? Who calls them every week at night? Why is there so many old expireds still in the cabinet available for listing?

2. Who called COI in the last week with the main intention being to ask for a referral?

3. Who called expireds over the weekend? When does your competition call expireds?

4. Who has an open house scheduled?

5. Who posted more than 40 craigslist ads last week?

6. Who knocked on the door of a fsbo this week?

7. Who called the rentbos last week?

8. Who had a written goal for last week?

9. Who shared their goals with others and had accountability set up?

10. Who made more than 150 contacts last week?

As you can see, the above list of generating strategies are not new to you. We have discussed these strategies many times yet notice how so few of the agents are actually levearging these opportunities.

If you want to a quick solution to better production then follow the proper steps…..

1. Start each week with written goals


Days Worked 5
Total contacts 150
Call 10 COI
Call old expireds during two nights this week
Post 25 craigslist ads this week
Knock on 20 doors around a just sold

2. Turn your goals into a checklist

30 contacts per day
Call 2 COI
Work 2 nights
Post 5 ads om craigslist
Knock on doors one day this week

3. Trade your checklist with an accountability partner.

Producing more sales for yourself is easier than you think. For the next month, I suggest we focus on improving the consistency of what you already know how to do. Focus on a few tasks and commit to completing the checklist.

I suggest you get an accountability partner and report your results daily.

Be tough…don’t accept failure from your partner.
Don’t accept your partner accepting failure from you.