Creative Thinking —How can I be more efficient and improve communications with clients?

1. Create a communication calendar
2. Sign up for a feedback service to automate the process of reporting comments from showings.
3. Sign up your sellers for market snapshot.
4. Sign up your sellers for mls updates so they are alerted every time another property gets listed or reduced.
5. Use drip systems and a communication campaign.
6. Have an assistant call your sellers every 21 days. Check in with them. Schedule a time for the agent to call them if they have concerns.
7. Let your sellers know your communication schedule right after you list the property.
8. Send your sellers a FAQ and answer sheet. Address the concerns typical sellers in our market usually have.
9. Request your broker send them an email that tells them that theybhave reviewed the agents duties and wanted them to know that everything looks good.
10. Make sure that the seller receives some communication at least once per week. Vary the delivery…email, phone, mail, etc..
11. Let them know upfront how your system works and introduce your staff to them.
12. Have a staff member set up an appointment for me to do reduction versus randomly calling them and leaving voicemails.
13. Keep the conversation strictly business. Stop talking about personal stuff.
14. Use a phone system to update my sellers by calling them and leaving a message without them knowing I called until it hits voicemail. The systems are there already.
15. Schedule all of your reductions during one day a week. Do them the same day every week.
16. Have all of your sellers signed up for your mls updates so they get notified every time a new listing comes on the market.
17. Stop avoiding the important calls you are supposed to make.
18. Schedule returning calls at the same time every day.
19. Make good notes after every call so you can remember all of the details.
20. Listen more…talk less.