Creative Thinking —– How can I stay motivated or increase my motivation?

1. Exercise every morning.
2. Hang around more people that are out of the box thinkers and motivated themselves.
3. Volunteer your time to charity.
4. Start or join a mastermind group where you are not the top producer.
5. Interview one multi millionaire business person every month.
6. Figure out your true purpose or ‘why’ that you are doing what you do.
7. Pick up a hobby like tennis and commit to getting better.
8. Put a picture of your kids in your office and ask yourself if you are being the person that you would want them to be. If not…make a change.
9. Interview a top producer from out of your market every month.
10. Email 10 agents per week and ask them what they are doing in today’s market to stay motivated and continue to grow their business.
11. Set up new goals and ask someone to hold you accountable.
12. Schedule your life first and the fill in the gaps with work.
13. Do 10-10 visualization each morning.
14. Meditate and quitebthat drunk monkey.
15. Recognize something good at your work everyday. Be grateful for something.
16. Write down your goals everyday.
17. Create a sales contest with someone so you stay competitive.
18. Re-write your business plan every month. Make sure you have a plan.
19. Chant your affirmations daily.
20. Remove negativity from your life.