Creative Thinking – How can I use leverage to attract more listing opportunities?

1. I can have my wife send 10 emails per day to Internet FSBO’s.

2. I can have someone email every new craigslist fsbo looking for people who will consider agents.

3. I can create a networking group where we focus on sending each other referrals.

4. I can have someone email people who are trying to find a renter for their property and ask if they would sell.

5. I can create affiliate arrangements where I provide real estate newsletter content for other professionals to add to their newsletters. Like an insurance agency, accountants and financial advisors. I can leverage their database.

6. Just sold flers or postcards.

7. Create an email asking agents to refer you their expireds with no phone numbers.

8. Hire telemarketers from the Philippines to make calls.

9. Hire a virtual assistant to prospect fsbo’s from the net.

10. Ask companies to insert your card in their payroll check envelops.
11. Have a kid deliver just sold flyers door to door in the are of your sold.

12. Have a buyer agent prospecting for you. In return, you let them have the buyer calls on that listing.

13. Have a kid deliver pre list packages to expireds at 6:30am.

14. Send monthly newsletters to your email database.

15. Call all coi and ask them for referrals. Ask them how you can help them.

16. Call accountants and offer short sale information.

17. Call attorneys and mortgage originators and give short sale information.

18. Create a section of your website where fsbo’s can post their properties on your site. You form a relationship with them and list them over time.

19. Look in the mls for agents that have listings not selling…ask them if they want to partner with you and you will handle their reductions and split the commission. They would have to transfer to your office first.

20. Sign up for referral services that give you listings for a referral fee after closing.