Creative Thinking

What can I do to increase listing and buyer leads?

1. You have to have a prospecting system that out works the competition and the market.

2. Look into Boom Town and Tiger Leads or Real estate web masters for more buyer leads.

3. Remember the most profitable part of my business is to self generate and take my own listings.

4. Purchase leads from a credit bureau. Call people who are late on their mortgages.

5. Never do a servicing activity before lunch time. And, delegate every servicing task you can.

6. You have to start using the Internet to attract more leads.

7. Build your databasees and drip on them monthly.

8. Post more Craigslist ads to generate more buyer leads. 10 per day and refer to the agents for a fee.

9. Use MOJO. Set the additional call times for expireds and fsbo’s.

10. Set more accountability for your lead generation goals. Contacts, appointments and leads into sld.

11. Set a minimum amount of contacts you will make each day and stick to it.