Do you Have What it Takes to Become a Champion?

What is a Champion?

According to one definition in the dictionary, a champion is one who excels above others.

All of us know of people that seem to excel iin everything that they do. They are the people that start a new job and seem to reach the top quickly or they are the one’s that tale on new sport and become one of the best over night.

What is it about these people that make them Champions…why are they always excelling above others?
Through coaching, I have identified 3 Key Qualities of those that excel. When looking into these key qualities, it becomes obvious why the people who possess these qualities are always on the top of their chosen field.

Here are the Qualities:
1. Desire – by definition, desire means to long for or crave. Desire is different than wanting something. To desire something is to not be able to get enough of it. There is passion behind a desire. When you desire something, it is not necessarily the end result that you crave, it is the journey that you have to go through in pursuit of the goal.

People who want to be a champion typically complain about the process of becoming that champion yet people who desire to be a champion typically love the process. They make the process fun, exciting and seek to inspire others to jump on the train.

You want to ask yourself, do you want to be a champion or do you desire to be a champion?

2. Commitment – by definition it is to make a pledge or promise. Being committed in our society can be a challenging thing to do. We tend to start and stop things too often. We have become a society of ‘dabblers’…people that start a new job or hobby and then prior to excelling, we change to a different hobby or job.

Becoming a Champion takes a long time…it actually takes longer then you think. So in order to excel in your business or sport, you must be willing to commit for the long term. Those that commit for the long run and can remain patient are the ones that win in the end. Here’s and example, agents that came in the business in 2005 were focused on making immediate income. They were living the high life and never thought they could lose. They looked down at others as if there was a new sheriff in town. Now that we are in 2009, it is hard to find those people in the business anymore. For those that still remain, most of them have given all of their earning back in the from of froeclosures or bad business deals and are now left discouraged and wondering what the heck they are going to do next.

Those agents that stayed in course and remain committed to a long term strategy have escaped from being a victum of the economy and are now excelling like champions in this market.

True Champions are committed to the process. They know it could take awhile, they know they will be tempted by opportuntities yet they stay committed to their plan.

3. Coachable – To be coachable, you must first have a coach. Unfortunately, the best coach in the world cannot play the game for you. A coach is the person that can look at you from the outside and share with you where you can improve. To be coachable, you must be willing to take criticism, you must be have blind faith and most important, you must Act on your coaches coaching.

There are many people that claim to be coachable yet they do not excel to the level of Champion. The truth is…they are not being coachable. They may be a great listener, they may take great notes and the may be able to repeat every word the coach said…they are still not coachable.

Coachable is in the execution of what your coach tells you to do. Coaching is not in the understanding…it is in the execution.

I have always looked for 3 things when hiring on new sales people in the office.

#1 Do you have the desire to win.
#2 Are you committed to a process which includes structure
#3 Are you coachable, will you have blind faith and execute everything your coach tells you.

If you are not at the level that you feel you should be, it is likely that you need to find that desire, you need to make the commitment and you need to be more coachable.

Becoming a Champion is Simple if you possess these 3 qualities.