From Real Estate Agent to Entrepreneur’s Income

Real estate agents across the country are working their tails off to build a profitable real estate business. There are thousands of agents who are working 50 – 60+ hours per week to make less than $60,000 per year.

The popular thing for agents to do now is to spend thousands of dollars on direct mail, billboards, television and radio ads. Sure, they can produce a decent ROI but is it really going to help you create wealth over time?

I think the real estate industry needs to focus on training agents to ACT like entrepreneurs. Let’s face it; real estate agents are entrepreneurs yet most are not earning and entrepreneurs income.

Agents are taking risks, they are building their own businesses, they are responsible for the success and failures of their strategy yet average agents are not earning the money they dream to earn.

Follow these few strategies and you will have a much better chance on earning that entrepreneurs income.


What MUST an agent do to earn an entrepreneurs income?

 Thinking Sessions

Most entrepreneurs are THINKERS. Taking the time to think and plan your strategy will save you time and increase the chances that you will succeed. I suggest you schedule 3 thirty minutes thinking sessions per week. For 30 minutes, think about one topic that you know would help you grow your business.

For example, you could think about, “How can I add 5 more listings to my business each month?”

After thirty minutes on that one question, you will come up with an idea that you can put into action immediately. Take action and results will follow.

Make A Decision

Thinking is just one thing you must do. Once you think of a few ideas, make a decision to execute. Do not sit around thinking about which one you need to work on, choose one and get into action. Too often, an agent will think about getting ready to get going. An entrepreneur takes action now.

Act Fast 

Now that you have made a decision, get into action. The longer it takes you to execute on your ideas, the less likely you will execute on your ideas. There are so many agents in our industry that have all of the answer to succeed at the highest level yet settle for less than average. The difference in the Top Producer and the average agent is not the knowledge; it is the ability to ACT FAST.

Don’t quit too soon

Now that you are in action, what will you do when everything doesn’t go exactly how you thought? Will you quit, change directions and declare that it was a bad idea? Or, do you learn from it and adjust and keep moving forward?

Entrepreneurs do not quit…They Adjust!

Fail Forward

If you are executing on ideas, you will eventually fail. If you fail and have a negative attitude then you probably didn’t learn a lesson. You want to Fail Forward. Failing forward is when something you attempted doesn’t work out and instead of being negative about it, you decided to reflect and figure out what you could do better.

Learning from failures is critical to creating wealth in a real estate career.

My name is Greg Harrelson and I am committed to helping real estate agents build profitable careers for themselves. I have offices in Myrtle Beach, SC and Charleston, SC. if you know someone who would like to grow their business or someone who is thinking of getting into real estate, please have them get in touch with me. I will meet with them to discuss how we can team up and go to the next level.