From Real Estate Bust to Real Estate Boom

All of us understand the real estate markets around the United States have experienced one of the largest declines in history. Who could have predicted the changes that we have had over the past 5 years? Unfortunately, this massive decline has led many real estate agents out of business, forced them to get 2nd jobs or nearly wiped out all of their real estate profits. A simple way to put it…the real estate bubble BUSTED!

Congratulations for being one of the few agents that managed to survive this roller coaster ride. The good news is that the ride appears to be over and we now have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and our business.

Now is the time to move from Bust to BOOM!

I am not saying that the real estate market is going to be booming again like it was 5 years ago yet I am suggesting that agents who take their careers serious and get the proper training will experience a personal BOOM in results. Buyers and sellers are more informed today than they have been in years. They are looking for skilled professionals to help them make important financial decisions. They are looking for the best in the industry.

There are many things in real estate that we must understand in real estate yet when you MASTER the 5 areas below…your business will experience an immediate Boom!

Master Generating Strategies: In order to have a booming business, you must be consistent at creating multiple streams of referrals and leads.

Master the Presentation: Your presentation is your interview for the job. If you want the person to hire you then you must demonstrate to them why you should be hired.

Master Lead Follow Up: The new real estate market will not tolerate poor communication. You must follow up and follow through often. Communication skills is critical.

Master Negotiations: There is more money lost from failed negotiations then there is in most areas of our business. You must know how to negotiate your commission, the buyer’s price, the seller’s price, closing dates, stipulations and much more…

MASTER YOUR MINDSET: If you mastered nothing more than your mind then you would experience a booming success. Mastering the mindset may be a lofty goal yet focusing on improving your positive mindset will go a long way in your business. You must remove negativity from your workday, surround yourself with a positive environment and constantly expose yourself to knowledge and inspiration.

Don’t let the above list overwhelm you. You are not going to Master everything all at once and mastery in one of these areas may take a lot of time. The key is to pursue mastery in your real estate career. Just focus on being a little bit better tomorrow than you were today and the results will appear.

I hope my thoughts will make a difference to you or someone you know. When we improve our skills, we better serve our communities…Let’s go out and make a difference.

Happy Selling,
Greg Harrelson
C-21 The Harrelson Group