Full Year of Conversations with your COI

 12 Topics to discuss with Past Customers and COI throughout the year

1. Call to discuss property tax and help with a possible appeal.

Over the past five years, paying too much in properties taxes has been a major concern.

When is the last time you looked at your properties assessed value to see if it is accurate?


2. How can I help you?

I was thinking about you and your business and I how I want to send you more referrals this year. Im calling to get to a little more about your business.

Can you describe to me your perfect client or customer?


3. Short Term and Long Term real estate goals

We all know that the real estate market is at the bottom. We would also agree that wealth will be created by those who take advatnage of the opportunity.

Tell me, what are your short term and long term goals for real estate investing or development?

What does your current portfolio look like?

Is there anything we need to clean up?


4. Just Listed a steal

I just listed a really good property that needs to be purchases.

Are you thinking of adding to your portfolio right now?

Who do you know that is looking to buy some good deals?


5. If you are going to refinance…act quick!

We all know that interest rates are at all time lows. The key is taking advantage of this.

Have you already refinanced?

Are you considering reducing your rate to pay less interest?

I have someone that can help, would you like me to have them give you a proposal?


6. Mid Year market report

I was doing some research on ytd market performance and thought I would share a few things.

Did you know inventory levels have decreased by ____%?

Prices are no longer going down.

Days on market has decreased


I have my opinions on the market and I would love to hear yours, where do you think we are headed?


7. Conduct a Survey

I need some help, i am conducting a survey regarding the perception of the local real estate agent. I am attempting to learn more about what the consumer thinks about the agent and learn how i can improve my own service.

What is your general perception of our local real estate agents?

What do you feel differentiates an ok agent from a great agent?

Where do you feel agents fail to meet expectations?

What do you feel an agent needs to do to exceed your expectations?


8. Just listed another great deal (2 times per year so spread it out)

I don’t call too often trying to sell stuff yet i had to let you know about this in case you want to invest or you have a friend looking to make a move.

If this doesn’t work for you, please describe to me what the perfect investment would have to look like for you to make a purchase.


9. Buyers looking for property

I have a few buyers that are looking for properties yet there is nothing on the MLS listed that they want to move on. The buyers are looking for different types or real estate…homes, condos, land, multi family, etc…

I was hoping you could help me out, who do you know that has been having conversations about selling?

Church, basketball, gym, I’m sure someone you know is discussing real estate.

If you do hear of someone talking about selling, would you send me a quick text?


10. What are you hearing about the real estate market?

I want to hear what people are saying about real estate…

I know you talk to a lot of locals that dabble in real estate. I’m curious, what are they saying? What is the real estate chatter on the streets amongst your friends? Are they talking about the market going up, down? Are they talking of buying…or selling?


11. Lunch invitation

Lets go to lunch. This is for advocates only. Use to build a deeper connection. Always ask for a referral.


12. It’s a good time to reposition your investments.

When is the last time you looked at possibly upgrading your home or other investments? this is the perfect time to trade up or reposition yourself in an investment with better cashflow.

How are your current investments performing?

Act as if you are their financial advisor of real estate.