Google PPC versus Facebook Ads (Real Estate Great Debate)

Who do you think provides the highest quality leads to the real estate agent?

There is a debate brewing amongst the real estate agents that use Google PPC and Facebook to generate leads. Up until 9 months ago, it seemed like most agents were going straight to Google to buy ads to push traffic their way. Now, you see real estate Facebook ads everywhere. I do not claim to be a guru in advertising yet I do have an idea on how to determine the quality of a lead.

So what is the difference between Google PPC (Pay Per Click) and Facebook ads?

Here is what I have found:

Google PPC

– Typically, more expensive

– Typically, a higher quality lead.

Facebook Ads

– Much less expensive

– Typically, less quality

Of course, this may change at anytime because both companies are working hard to dominate the real estate ad space.

Why is Google PPC more expensive and higher quality?

We believe that this is the case because the consumer is electing to go to Google and type in a

specific Keyword. Like, Myrtle Beach Real Estate For Sale.

So, Google already knows that that person has an interest in Myrtle Beach real estate. Consider

that a filter. Google PPC allows you to advertise to those that are electing to search for your

keywords. That would make them a higher quality and because you, ‘get what you pay for,’

they will cost more.

Facebook ads are different.

You are choosing a geographical area and displaying those ads to everyone in that area. They

may not be interested in real estate at the time therefore you can advertise to them for less

money. Because you don’t really know if they have an interest, it cost less and as you can

expect, the leads are less quality. Again, you get what you pay for.

Does this mean that Google PPC is better than Facebook ads?


This is just information that you have to factor into your strategy. If your strategy is to blanket a

geographical area with your message than Facebook may be the right choice. Consider that

strategy being similar to billboard advertising. This is your virtual billboard.

There are more target audience strategies then just a geographical area but we will save that

for another day.

Overall, most people would agree that Facebook Ad is more about branding yourself and

Google PPC is about capturing leads.

In the end, we think there is a place for both to coexist.