How Are Real Estate Agents using Infusionsoft?

 How Are Real Estate Agents using Infusionsoft?

Real Estate agents are using Infusionsoft more than ever. Now that so many agents are using the application, it is becoming obvious how to integrate Infusionsoft to improve our business. I wanted to share a list of different sequence’s that real estate agents have created to maximize their ROI. If you are thinking of subscribing to Infusionsoft then you can click here to view a demo and if you choose to move forward then you may recieve a lot of this content already complete for free.

Real Estate Agents Must Have Sequence’s

1. Prospective Seller Sequence

2. Prospective Buyer Sequence

3. COI Sequence

4. Past Customer Sequence


As you get more involved with Infusionsoft, you may want to create the following…

1. For Sale By Owner Infusionsoft Sequence

2. Expired Sequence

3. Local Realtor’s Promo Sequence

There are many more sequence’s that you can choose to create yet I would start from the top and continue until you have comp;eted the last on the list.

Again, if you about to get an Infusionsoft account and you go through this DEMO then you will likely recieve pre-loaded content in your account from the start. I wish you the best of luck.