How Can I Generate 40 New Listings in March

How can I generate 40 new  listings in March?

1. Contact every builder I know and ask for the standing inventory.

2. Create an email for builders indicating activity is high and it is times to get their properties on the market.

3. Call all of my bankers and and ask for their rep listings.

4. Creat an email for bankers discussing the market, my strategy and what I see for this year.

5. Call all old expireds from 2011 that have not beeen relisted

6. Call 20 past clients and COI

7. Send additional eblast to my database stressing the opportunity of being on the market now.

8. Send a targeted sold mailer to the most active pockets of our market.

9. Print out and call 100% of the fsbo’s in our market today.

10. Sign up and call ZBuyer

11. Send an email to my realtor friends and ask them to send me any of their dead leads. I will work them and pass on a referral.

12. 50 contacts per day.

13. Prospect two nights per week all of feb and march.

14. Call expireds on Saturday