Infusionsoft for Mortgage Brokers

Top real estate agents are using Infusionsoft to better connect with their prospects and increase profits. For years, agents were using drip email campaigns to market their listings and nurture their database. Technology advances now equip the agents with tools that allow them to communicate on a more one on one basis versus a mass broadcast.

Now that Infusionsoft is a popular tool for real estate agents, the Mortgage Industry has taken notice. We are starting to see Mortgage Brokers using this application to work their databases. Instead of just sending their database rate sheets each week, they can now learn what the people in their database want to talk about and use automation to deliver that message.

How are Mortgage Brokers using Infusionsoft?

  1. To communicate with their past customers – When the mortgage professional follows up with past customers, it is most likely they will earn repeat business as well as referrals.
  2. To communicate with potential borrowers who have been denied financing – People with less-than perfect credit are often neglected by the mortgage broker. The key is to have an automated way to follow up with these leads and influence them to get into credit counseling.
  3. To generate more real estate agent referrals – By consistently communicating to the local real estate agents, the mortgage broker can brand themselves as the authority in the market therefore earn more referrals.
  4. To educate the consumer – The mortgage broker in any market who focuses on adding value to the consumer is the one that will win in the end. The key is to empower potential borrowers with the information necessary to make great financial decisions.

Mortgage brokers are starting to take charge of their business by going direct to the consumer for business. In the past, the preferred method for building a mortgage business was to rely on real estate agents to send them referrals. A business model that relies on the agents is not predictable or duplicable.

If you are a mortgage professional and want to take your business to the next level than you have to check out Infusionsoft for mortgage brokers.