Infusionsoft For Real Estate Marketing

Stop trying to dominate your real estate market and start focusing on connecting with the consumer. Infusionsoft for real estate is likely to change the way realtors do business from this point forward. For those real estate agents that have heard about Infusionsoft, here are 5 Infusionsoft For Real Estate Marketing tips to drive more leads into your funnel.

1. Prospecting For Sale By Owners – a lot of FSBO’s will take their time before they hire a realtor. Give them a call and ask for their email so you can send them a report and then load them into your funnel.

2. Direct Mail – If you use direct mail, make sure that you ask for the callers email address. In the conversation, ask them when they plan to sell and load them into your funnel.

3. Craigslist – Post an ad in Craigslist and place an Infusionsoft form in the ad. Invite people to fill in the form in order to get a free list of foreclosures. This will automatically load them into your Infusionsoft real estate funnel.

4. Past Clients – You already have their email address. You have already done business with them. Now, load them into your funnel and kick off a great past client nurture sequence.

5. COI – Similar to your past clients, these people already know you. You already have their email address so put them in your funnel and start a long term nurture campaign in order to generate future referrals.

As you can see, building a database is a lot easier then you think. In most cases, you already have 500 emails that you could place in your real estate funnel. It is my goal to keep this simple and assist you in all of your ‘Infusionsoft for Real Estate Agents‘ needs.

If you are a real estate agent and have not looked into Infusionsoft then click the banner below to view a demo.

Only the top realtors are currently using Infusionsoft but I predict all realtors will be using it soon.