Infusionsoft for Realtors – Top 5 mistakes made by agents

Infusionsoft for Realtors – Top 5 mistakes made by agents

If you are in real estate then you should have already heard about Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft was introduced the the real estate industry a few years ago and is now becoming the most popular CRM and marketing software used by agents. This is not your average system where you can send a bunch of drip emails and hope people respond. The Infusionsoft system allows you to build a database, place them in one of many funnels and nurture them until they are ready to do business with you. In addition, you can monitor the click patterns of your database to better understand what their needs are.

Like anything else, there is a learning curve. I have listed the Top 5 mistakes that realtors are making  while using this system. Avoiding these mistakes will bring you one step closer to an automated real estate business.

Do Not Make These Mistakes:

1. Building your database to be the biggest….Too many realtors are tyring to get a BIG database. Infusionsoft works better with a quality database versus a quantity database. Big is not always better.

2. Sending content that is not current…Too many agents are rushing to create content for their campaigns so they copy and paste old articles off other websites. You content must be current and relevant. Here is a link to an Infusionsoft Demo where you can learn how to get the software loaded with current real estate content…No Charge for content: Click HERE for info.

3. Poor lead follow up – You build a database, you send great emails and they email you and you do not call back. Sound rediculous? This happens all of the time.

4. No schedule for content distribution – Too many agents send emails when they think of something to say. The challenge is that the emails are inconsistent and your database starts to forget about you. You want them looking forward to your next email.

5. Emails are too long – An email must be an email…Not and article. Remember, people are reading your emails on their smart phones. They will not read an article, but they will read a short message.


I have said this before…All Top Realtors will be using this software at some time. I suggest you embrace this change in our business and start looking for ways to incorporate in your everyday practice. To fully understand the system, you need to watch a Free Demo of the system. You can choose to think that I am trying to sell you something or you can choose to take my advice and watch the demo. For those of you that know me, you know that I never suggest things that are not already working for me and my agents.

A lot of my agent friends have requested a copy of my email campaigns so make sure you watch the demo and ask the Infusionsoft rep for the content.

Good Luck to you,

Greg Harrelson