Infusionsoft – Real Estate Tagging Explained

Many real estate agents are using Infusionsoft  to better utilize their real estate databases.  One of the most important parts of any database is organization of the data. Too many real estate agents have one database that every single name gets dumped into. This is a BIG problem! Eventually, realtors will take the ‘One size fits all approach’ which leads them down the wrong path.

3 Things you must do to Tag your database properly

Create Categories:

There are many categories of leads.  Adding an Infusionsoft Tag to identify the type of lead is the first step in building an organized database.

A few examples are:

Buyer Leads, Seller Leads, Past Clients, Centers of Influence, Friends, Family, Attorneys, Bankers, the list can go on an on.

As you can imagine, you may not want to send the same email to a seller lead and a past customer. The message may only be relevant to one lead type therefore sending it to all lead types would be sending information to people who are not interested. This is why a person will tune you out or unsubscribe.

Identify and apply tags based on how you generated the lead:

Now that you have the basic tags set up to identify the type of lead, now tag them to identify how you obtained the lead.


Prospecting, Direct Mail, Facebook, Advertising, Craigslist, COI Referral

If you want to know your where you are getting your business and how each category is converting then you must add those tags to your database. I am a firm believer that you can never tag too much.

Auto Tag when you lead is engaged:

You have everyone in your system tagged properly. Now, monitor your prospects level of engagement. If you notice that they watched a video on ‘short sales’ then tag them as a potential short sale lead. Infusionsoft allows you to auto tag you leads based on their engagement of your email content.

Infusitionsoft is a very powerful tool when worked correctly.  We have helped many people set up and build their systems in a way to generate more leads. If you are interested in help then please contact me direct.

Greg Harrelson