Infusionsoft – Real estate WARNING – “No More Cheesy Sales Talk”

Infusionsoft – Real estate WARNING – “No More Cheesy Sales Talk”


As you know, I have written dozens of articles on real estate agents using Infusionsoft. I can give you examples of agents that are making money from the application as well as agents that are losing a lot of money. Unfortunately, there are a lot of agents that are failing to use Infusionsoft in a way that converts their database to closed transactions. I want to share a few things that people are doing that are causing them problems and keeping them from making money.


Quick Path to Failure:


  1. Cheesy Sales Talk – We have to remember that the consumer as the power to tune you in or tune you out. Too many agents are using slick sales talk to try and convert the database into deals. This does not work and will not work. The days of the slick salesperson are gone. It may get you a deal here and there but will never help you build a relationship for the long term.


  1. Pressure Tactics – You see them everywhere. “Click this email now or else you will never have another chance to grow your business.” I understand creating urgency yet the consumer does not want to be forced to read our emails. The consumer wants the power of choice and freedom.  I do believe that we are in the business of selling yet we cannot be so “In Your Face” about it.  It is about Finesse – Not Force


  1. An Email A Day will Chase them Away – I get emails from different agents around the country. There are some agents that send me an email everyday. One day they are asking me to sell and the next day they are asking me to buy. It appears they are just sending a bunch of random emails to their entire database hoping someone will click and call. The negatives of this strategy out weigh the positives. If your email does not add value to the consumer then stop sending it. Do you want to be known for junk emails and spam? If not, you better change your strategy quick.


The solution:


Building and email campaign can often be intimidating for an agent. If you are in need of quality content that is proven to work in the real estate business then you may want to reach out to us. I have seen a lot of agents failing recently and it is unnecessary. I have written content that I am able to share with other real estate professionals. I wish I could give it to you for free yet there will be a cost for the usage of the content.  I do not use cheesy sales talk and force to convert through my emails. I add value through education with the intention of empowering the consumer through information.


Click on any of the Infusionsoft links on this website and we will connect with you to share more about our philosophy of doing things. I personally convert over 300 people per year to a closed transaction by using Infusionsoft campaigns. You can actually use the exact content that I have in my system.