Infusionsoft versus Top Producer for real estate

Infusionsoft Versus Top Producer for Real Estate


This seems to be the question of the month around the real estate industry. As more real estate agents begin to use Infusionsoft, questions start to arise as to if the new tool will replace Top Producer as the preferred CRM of agents nationwide.


Currently, I have been using both systems. I started out with Top Producer about 7 years ago and have recently added Infusionsoft.


Let me share with you the biggest differences and you can decide which route you will take in the future.


Both Systems:


  • Both systems can be used as a CRM. They allow you to follow up with your database by sending one-off emails or you can set up a drip campaign to automate the conversation over time.


  • Both Systems can manage your client base and allow you to set up calendars to schedule future events.




This is where I see Infusionsoft being the Best on the market


  • Infusionsoft is not about sending a bunch of drip emails. There are plenty of products online that do this already. The true power you get from Infusionsoft is that you are able to monitor the level of engagement that you are getting from your emails. This goes far beyond seeing who opens your emails.


Infusionsoft allows you to see who opened your email, then you can see what else they read by monitoring their click patterns. Through automation, Infusionsoft will send an additional email with the information that your consumer wants without you having to create it manually.


It is like you have the same tools as some of the biggest companies like Google and Amazon. Notice how the right ad always appears on the page that you are searching? You search for a book on real estate and all of sudden you see other real estate related books being advertised. That is on purpose and that is what you can now do when using Infusionsoft.


I believe we will see more people move towards Infusionsoft due to the intelligence the system offers.



Reading an article like this will help raise awareness to the new technologies that real estate agents are using yet this is something that you will need to demo in order to get a true picture of how it can work for you.


Here is a demo link that you can use to get more information:



Only you can decide which system is best for you. One thing we know for sure, Infusionsoft is growing fast amongst real estate agents. I am personally switching everything over to Infusionsoft and know many agents doing the same.