Life Changing Career

Building a Long Lasting and Life Changing Career in real estate.

1. Focus on the long run.

Top agents around the country look further down the road than most. Yes, we all want that immediate commission check, some of us may be desperate to get the next one. It is important to follow a business plan that will assist you in building a long term career while focusing on those activities that will generate immediate business at the same time. One effective way to accomplish this is to actually have a written business plan for 2012. If you are interested, I may be able to help you accomplish this.

2. Believe YOU are the Asset.

The agent, YOU, is what creates the business. Unfortunately, agents cannot rely on most companies to bring them business. I hear complaints all of the time about how their companies do not give them enough leads. Only a few companies are really effective at providing leads to their agents and those are the companies that you see on the top of the charts for most closed units. Remember, YOU are the asset. The way to build a life changing career is to learn how to attract more leads. There are many ways to generate real estate sales and it starts with your activities. I am interested in sharing these activities with a few agents to see which ones they would feel most comfortable executing.

3. All Great Leaders are also great learners.

I know you are busy yet the greatest producers always take time to learn something new. Ask yourself, when is the last time you were taught something in real estate that really made a significant difference in your growth as a real estate professional? If you cannot remember when the last time was then determine if this is because no one is sharing new information with you or are not listening? I bet you would thrive if someone showed you HOW to grow your business.

4. Maximize efficiency.

Knowing what to do and when to do it. Knowing what to say and when to say it. Knowing what not to do and what not to say are all ways to maximize efficiency as well as increase your real estate profits.

5. Company Culture is more important than you think.

Zappos Corporation is most know for their company culture. They are most proud of how everyone in their office works like a team. They all help each other whenever they see help is needed. They are proud about how everyone is positive and seeking to grow while serving the consumer. They are proud of how their leadership is available and willing to share knowledge on a daily basis. As an owner, I strive hard to follow in the steps of Zappos.

6. It’s never too late.

Don’t fall into the trap that most agents fall into. It’s never too late to take your business to the next level. Also, going to the next level is not difficult. The difference between an average agent and a top producing agent is information. The top producer has consistent access to information that will show them the most effective and efficient way to build their business.

At some point, this real estate market is going to get better, maybe it is already. This new market will require a new attitude, a new approach and new expectations. Certainly, growing your business is important yet now is the time to create a Long Lasting and Life Changing Career in real estate. You have made it this far, why not take it to the next level?