Marketing Automation For The Mega Team

Marketing Automation For The Mega Team


The Mega Team Concept is growing in markets all across the country. Teams are not only getting larger in numbers of agents but they are expanding to multiple markets.


This expansion concept is fantastic in theory yet does come with some challenges.


I have talked with so many teams who are challenged in their management of databases of multiple agents in multiple markets.

Basically, the solution to these challenges is marketing automation.


Here are the concerns that so many teams ask me about:

  1. How do you get all of your agents to add their databases to your master database?
  2. How do you manage multiple databases in multiple markets and still create content that is relevant to each individual market? 
  3. How can we automate our coaching? 
  4. How can we automate our onboarding of new team members?
  5. How can we attract talent? 
  6. How can automate the process of prequalifying new candidates for potential team members?

Truthfully, all of these concerns have already been solved through marketing automation. We use Infusionsoft to do all of this and much more.


I am currently serving a team in multiple offices with over 100 agents. These agents participating in onboarding, training and important updates all through our campaigns.


In addition, we have newsletters going out to over 70,000 property owners for our agents. And, the newsletters are co-branded with the agents individual name and the team. Our agents love that they are getting noticed in our newsletter distribution system.


For a ton of real estate strategy and advice, go to our YouTube Channel:


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We can attribute about 500 sales per year from our marketing automation efforts. So many of these are ‘come list me’ calls to the team.


Besides attracting more talent and doing more deals, we find that large teams also have better retention when they are able to provide a complete marketing automation package to the agents on their team.


Attraction, Closings and Retention are all critical in my book.


I hope you find this helpful.


And, if you are looking for a demo on how you can implement marketing automation to your Mega Team then go here: Infusionsoft Real Estate Demo