Mastermind Notes – What to Talk About



12 Topics to discuss with Past Customers and COI throughout the year


1. Call to discuss property tax and help with a possible appeal.

Over the past five years, paying too much in properties taxes has been a major concern.

When is the last time you looked at your properties assessed value to see if it is accurate?


2. How can I help you?

I was thinking about you and your business and I how I want to send you more referrals this year. Im calling to get to a little more about your business.

Can you describe to me your perfect client or customer?


3. Short Term and Long Term real estate goals

We all know that the real estate market is at the bottom. We would also agree that wealth will be created by those who take advatnage of the opportunity.

Tell me, what are your short term and long term goals for real estate investing or development?

What does your current portfolio look like?

Is there anything we need to clean up?


4. Just Listed a steal

I just listed a really good property that needs to be purchases.

Are you thinking of adding to your portfolio right now?

Who do you know that is looking to buy some good deals?


5. If you are going to refinance…act quick!

We all know that interest rates are at all time lows. The key is taking advantage of this.

Have you already refinanced?

Are you considering reducing your rate to pay less interest?

I have someone that can help, would you like me to have them give you a proposal?


6. Mid Year market report

I was doing some research on ytd market performance and thought I would share a few things.

Did you know inventory levels have decreased by ____%?

Prices are no longer going down.

Days on market has decreased

I have my opinions on the market and I would love to hear yours, where do you think we are headed?


7. Conduct a Survey

I need some help, i am conducting a survey regarding the perception of the local real estate agent. I am attempting to learn more about what the consumer thinks about the agent and learn how i can improve my own service.

What is your general perception of our local real estate agents?

What do you feel differentiates an ok agent from a great agent?

Where do you feel agents fail to meet expectations?

What do you feel an agent needs to do to exceed your expectations?


8. Just listed another great deal (2 times per year so spread it out)

I don’t call too often trying to sell stuff yet i had to let you know about this in case you want to invest or you have a friend looking to make a move.

If this doesn’t work for you, please describe to me what the perfect investment would have to look like for you to make a purchase.


9. Buyers looking for property

I have a few buyers that are looking for properties yet there is nothing on the MLS listed that they want to move on. The buyers are looking for different types or real estate…homes, condos, land, multi family, etc…

I was hoping you could help me out, who do you know that has been having conversations about selling?

Church, basketball, gym, I’m sure someone you know is discussing real estate.

If you do hear of someone talking about selling, would you send me a quick text?


10. What are you hearing about the real estate market?

I want to hear what people are saying about real estate…

I know you talk to a lot of locals that dabble in real estate. I’m curious, what are they saying? What is the real estate chatter on the streets amongst your friends? Are they talking about the market going up, down? Are they talking of buying…or selling?


11. Lunch invitation

Lets go to lunch. This is for advocates only. Use to build a deeper connection. Always ask for a referral.


12. It’s a good time to reposition your investments.

When is the last time you looked at possibly upgrading your home or other investments? this is the perfect time to trade up or reposition yourself in an investment with better cashflow.

How are your current investments performing?

Act as if you are their financial advisor of real estate.




Would it be helpful to know the current value of your home?

Would you like to know how to earn 5-6% tax preferred on your money by investing  in RE?

When’s the last time you evaluated your mortgage?

Is your family protected if something happens to you? (living trust)

Would it be helpful to get your property tax bill reduced?

Would  you like to know what distressed properties will liking be coming up for sale in your neighborhood (Foreclosure radar)

Do you have access to a good plumber/handyman/electrician etc?

How can I help you in your business/career?

Is there anyone you know of in your sphere of influence that might find the information I provide about the real estate market as useful as you do?

What questions do you have about real estate here locally?

Did you know the neighbor’s property just SOLD/Listed?

Is there anything I can add to my regular communication with you that you would find useful?




1. See if they have questions in regards to the value of their home and the value of their neighborhood.

2. A hot property you just listed/sold.

3. See if they need comps to send to their tax assessor to lower their tax base since values of fallen.

4. If their property just closed in the last year, to remind them about closing statement and to make sure they bring it to their tax preparer. A lot of these items are tax deductible. Offer to email or mail a copy (especially if you are adopting the buyer).

5. Thanksgiving-January 2nd calling and thanking them for their business and wishing them happy holidays, but also reminding them about referrals.

6. Asking them what their goals are in real estate.

7. Letting them know about all the different types of services that we provide. Such as taxes, attorneys, partners, contractors, 1031 exchanges etc.  Also to remind them how reliable these services can be.

8. Updating them on new tax laws that pertain to real estate.

9. Reminding them that we now handle Short Sales and if they know a friend that we could counsel them for free. There is no need to pay anyone, just call us!

10. Interest rate updates.

11. I made a 5×7 sticker that is in bright colors with our logo and our info on it. We place on water heater and next to garage door opener.

12. Call our buyer day of closing and ask if they need a list of water, electric, and trash companies. Then call one week later and ask if they need a contractor, painter or a gardener. Then finally ask if I could call every couple of months so that I could keep them updated.




1.  January:  happy new year… send a goal setting worksheet to clients.. for clients to use.  let them know only 5% of Americans set goals per year and you and your team and family finished yours.. provide them the forms to set goals in all 5 areas.. and simple 5 things places to go, things to do, things to have… make it simple..


2.  February: depending on time of year.. give info regarding tax appeal and reduction of assessment.  also make sure you send those that purchased the year before a hud-1 for there tax filing in April. if interested send them the info to do appeal, and or links..


3.  march:  talk about interest rates and their current rate and payment.. share with them how they can refi and save money. send them a recent interest mortgage rate sheet.


4.  April: beginning of the month. call and confirm all previous year buyers that they received the hud-1, as they will need to this for their taxes, etc…  those that are not past year buyers:  talk about spring selling season, find out who they know that is having trouble selling and or wants to buy.  also talk about spring cleaning and getting there homes ready to the summer..  see if they need a list of your VIP contractors list of approved vendors you use for work.


5.  May:  ask clients if they are on social media… facebook, twitter, linked in, and see how you can help them support in their business.  tell them you will market their business to you data base.. give to get marketing.


6.  June:   invite to a summer customer appreciation party…also if you have one.. tell them they can invite a friend..


7.  July: call as you are providing a free market report and analysis for their home. what’s your home worth report.


8.  august:  have a referral contest.. they clients that refer each name gets put into a drawing.. then will win an itouch, ipad, gift certificate.  etc..


9.  September: call and tell them about active events in the city and area… also invite them join your towns website.. provide them a complimentary event list..


10. October:  share with the sellers, loan modification, short sale solutions and see if any of your services you provide are needed.


11.  November:  give your clients ideas regarding saving money on utilities. energy saving tips..


12.  December:  call all your data base and tell them your are grateful for them… and wish them happy holidays… from you and your family.




1.  What’s happening in your subdivision?

2.  Interest rates…have you considered a refinance?

3.  Have you considered investing in real estate properties?

4.  We offer other servies such as; notary, mortgage lenders, handyman

5.  Statistics on what’s happening citywide

6.  Legislation currently in the works

7.  Did you know that forclosures are down?

8.  Do you know of any first time homebuyers? Children? Friends?

9.  What goals do you want to sit down and discuss?

10.  Are you interested in vacation or resort properties?

11.  Buy now while rates are up because they may go down

12.  What have you updated in your home? How can we help?




1.  Investing:  “I was just wondering what is your next step in your real estate investment planning?  This market is so incredible and I am really excited for you, can I tell you why?  Rents are going up and property prices are going down which makes for great real estate investments.”


2.  Interest Rates:  “Did you know how ridiculously low the interest rates are right now?  Is that something that would help you make a move soon?”


3.  Help your Friends and Family:  “Did you know that 25% of our neighborhood real estate market is bank foreclosures and short sales?  A number of people have asked me to help them out of a tough home ownership position.  Who can you think of that could really use some help or advice in these challenging economic times?  Any family member, neighbors, friends, coworkers, people at church, etc.?”


4.  Property Tax Reduction:  “Did you know that there is a good chance that you can cut the cost of your property taxes and save potentially hundreds of dollars?”


5.  Your Real Estate Future:  “What’s next for you in terms of real estate?  What’s stopping you from moving forward with that?  If you found there was a financial advantage to do that sooner would you consider it?  That’s exactly why we need to get together.  Are you available this afternoon or tomorrow?”


6.  Seniors:  “As a Certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist I have been helping families in our neighborhood make sure their elderly family and friends are safe in their homes and when they are ready, give them options for excellent senior residences in our community or across the USA.  Who do you know that needs some help in their home or needs help selecting a senior community (and selling their home?)

7.  Your Neighborhood Market Update:  “There are a couple of very interesting things happening right now in your neighborhood real estate market…Do you have a couple of minutes for me to share them with you?

8.  First Time Home Buyers:  “Did you know that many of the first time home buyers I work with are finding out that they can own a home for less money than the cost of renting?  Who do you know that is still renting…your kids, nieces, nephews, friends, ect.?


9.  Upgrade in a Down Market:  “Did you know that this is the best time to upgrade in a down market?”


10.  Great Deals In Our Market:  “There are amazing opportunities to buy real estate right now…were you aware of all the reasons that make this one of the best times in decades to buy homes?”


11.  Good Time to Sell:  “The good news is, right now we have a very low inventory in our neighborhood and the demand to buy is strong…so it is actually a very good time to sell if you had to.”


12.  The Experts Say:  “The experts in the real estate market say that 2012 will have the highest number of foreclosures and distress sales.  Have you set a goal to buy an investment property during the bottom of the market?”




1. Notify P/C of the list of additional services that we provide, including but not limited to , mortgage referrals, contractor referrals, moving and packing services etc.

2. Ask sellers if they are on a Board of any charity programs, consider putting a link on your own website to support your clients charity program.

3. Identify the most recent statistics in their neighborhood regarding price increase or decrease, inventory increase or decrease.

4. Call to offer real estate investment advice or choices and determine if it is in their plans.

5.  Explain “Land Banking” in the event they are not aware of what it is or want to move cash into land purchases.

6. Call with a mortgage update, where rates are compared to where they are now and whether it makes sense to refi or not.

7. Call to discuss the 6 most important maintenance tips that homeowners often over look, ie Roof inspection, sealing of granite counter tops, sealing of stone surfaces in driveways or walkways, (find list from home inspector)

8. Remind recent buyers that they have a 1 year home warranty and be sure to use it when repairs are necessary.

9. Consider calling each client and find out what each member of the family does for work and create a shared list of their businesses to all past clients where all past clients can use each other’s services if applicable.

10. Call and ask ” Are there any services that have been recently provided that you were disappointed in?”and provide a referral for that service. For example, I don’t like my plumber, electrician , gardener.

11.  Find out what sporting events that they like and include them in a ticket give away contest.

12. Call with your 1-3 year market projections.




1.  Previous year market statistics-  Are you ready to hear some good real estate news?

2.  The secret about selling during the winter- did you know that lower inventory means higher prices? (supply and demand)

3.  Advantages in owning rental property(ask your CPA during your tax appointment) Are you familiar with 1031 exchanges?

4.  Refinancing to a lower interest rate- are you planning to stay in your home for the next 5 years?

5.  Move up opportunities in a market with low interest rates-Do you want to ride the market back up in this home, or your next one?

6.  First-Time Buyer Opportunities for Kids, Friends and Family- who do you know that should be taking advantage of this great market?

7.  Nationwide Referral Network of Top Agents- Were you aware that I can help your friends and family in other parts of the country with their real estate needs as well?

8.  How to Reduce Property Tax Bills-  Would you like to reduce the taxes on your home?

9.  Updated Market Stats-  Would you like to know what’s REALLY happening with the market?

10.  Buying a Vacation Home- Where is your favorite vacation spot? What does your family enjoy doing?

11.  Investment Opportunities for the Rookie- (how to start a real estate portfolio) Who do you know that should be investing in this great market?

12.  Email updates- Would you like helpful real estate insider tips delivered to you?




1.  I wanted to give you a call and let you know that I am still alive and kicking in the real estate world and I was wondering who do you know that is looking to buy or sell real estate?    How about yourselves….

2.  As part of my customer service, it is my goal to update my past clients and friends of what is going on in our real estate market.  Then update…

3.  This a hot property alert call….a property over on …..

4.  The purpose of this call is to apologize to you for me not doing a better job of calling an updating you know with what I do best, which is real estate.  Have you had any questions with respect to the market that I can help you with?

5.  This is a business call, Who do you know looking to buy or sell some real estate?

6.  I recently listed a home over on B street, it has () and I committed to my client to let everyone I know about this great buy….who do you know that would like to take advantage of this great buy?

7.  The purpose of this call is to update you with what has been happening in our marketplace.  Then update

8.  Update with government real estate related issues (for example debt relief act, etc.)

9.  Update with interest rates

10.  I recently saw a home over on Palmetto that was a great buy and would be a fantastic rental.  With 25% down this could very well yield as positive cash flow.  Have you thought about moving forward with purchasing investment property?

11.  Call to see how things are going with the home I sold them or in their new home

12.  I was calling because I always appreciate the support you have given me over the years and I wanted to thank you.  Additionally, I wanted to mention that I am updating all my systems and I wanted to verify all the information I have for you (email, etc.).  Before I go, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask you if you knew of a friend, relative, etc…..




Conversation Questions for PC’ & SOI’s

1. Have you thought about refinancing?

2. What are your long term real estate goals?

3. If market conditions were perfect where would you ultimately like to live, what is your dream home?

4. Are you thinking of making any home improvements? I can provide you with a list of services providers.

5. With prices & interest rates near bottom, have you thought about buying an investment property?

6. With prices & interest rates near bottom, have you though about upgrading?

7. Who do you know right now who is frustrated that their home has not sold? I had ____

sales last month, have them call me on my cell right away.

8. With the economy where it is, who do you know that is is trouble? Anyone who needs to get out from under their home? Facing foreclosure?

9. For Business Owners: How can I help you grow your business?

10. Are you involved with any charities that I can help you with?

11. Have you purchased mortgage insurance ?

12. Have you reviewed you homeowners insurance with your agent to make sure that it is insured for the proper value so you are not under-insured or over-insured? Do you have your values, such as jewelery covered?

13. Have you purchased any service contracts for your home? HVAC, Water & Sewer Pipe Protection, Home warranties?

14. If they have a basement, do you have a back up sump pump system? Recommend they research

15. Have you looked into have your property reassessed to you can save money on your real estate taxes? I can give you the name of an attorney who can help you with this.




1.  There’s never been a better time to buy an investment home – at todays prices there is actually cash flow….could we meet to discuss?


2.  Many of my VIP clients are preparing to move/retire in the next 5 years…why don’t we schedule a time to review your real estate plans to prepare to do just that…..CMA….maybe sell now?


3.  If you knew prices were still dropping – what would you do with the real estate you own?


4.  We are committed to ending this recession and if each of our past clients bought a home (ie 6000 of them) – the recession would be over.


5.  Were you aware of the ridiculously low interest rates – a 50 year low?


6.  Have you completed your children/grandchildrens college funds – may I tell you how real estate can make that happen (ie buy now – sell when kids go to college)


7.  If a business owner – how can I help you build your business?  Then explain how they can help you by referrals.


8.  We are selling an average of 1 home a day – who do you know that needs to buy or sell at this time?


9.  Now is the best time to buy/sell….may I tell you why?


10. I am calling to update our VIP clients on the current market…….(stats)


11.  There are some new HARP refinanceing programs – would it help you if we can refer you to a lender?


12.  We are specializing in moveup Buyers and Sellers looking for a great home……who do you know…..?


There are the 12 points Mike asked us to plan for  the next 12 months for our Past Clients/COI.




1.  Short sale vs foreclosure…how does it affect you?

2.  How to evaluate a current and potential investment property

3.  Oceanfront financing, is it a good idea to leverage OF property

4.  Why choose me to be your agent

5.  Upgrading in a stagnant market

6.  When to sell a investment




Market Conditions: What is your perception of our market in 2012

Buying:  Why do you think it’s the best time to buy

Selling:  Is this a good time to sell

Financial:  How do you feel your investments did for you in 2012

Higher Quality Properties:  Is this a good time to reposition into a higher quality property

Email adresses: How about compiling a list of 5 emails of your friends or associates who would enjoy getting great market info monthly




What would you consider to be your best case scenario for selling a property in todays market?

Have you seen an increase in buyers buying in MB?

What are your thoughts with the effects of the foreclosures in your area?

Have you seen someone benefit from going through with a short sale?

Do you believe it is a good time to sell?

What are your thoughts on our local real estate market?




Topic                                                Question

1.    Selling your Property.    Question;  Have you thought about what you would do if you sold your property?

2.    Investing in the Market.    Question;  Have you thought about investing in this Market?

3.    Neighbor referral.            Question;  Are any of your neighbors considering selling their property?

4.    Neighborhood updates.    Queston;  Would you like to be kept updated with new listings and sold properties in your neighborhood?

5.    Apoligies.                        Question;  I know I haven’t commicated with you very well about the real estate market in the past.  Is there anything I can help you witith now?

6.    Next 10 days.                    Question;  Who do you know that would like to buy or sell real estate in the next 10 days?




1.   There are some investments you can get in with little money down right now, if I found something that I would buy would you like me to fwd it to you?


2. Being at the beach I have a lot of family coming in over the summer months. Are any of your visiting family members going to buy this year?


3. I am looking for some homes in your area that are not on the mls. Are there any fsbo properties in your neighborhood?


4. How did your tax appeal come out? Did you feel like the value was pretty accurate?


5. I was just curious, what type of things can I be looking for That could help you build your business?


6. I wanted to let you know that the options for homeowners that owe more than the value of their homes in our market has changed a lot over the 12months. Who have you spoken with that could benefit from knowing about those changes?




1. the next few months in our market…whats happening

2. I had a family member who needed help and it made me think to call everyone

3. what do you perceive the market is going to do.

4. Do you have an investment strategy for your home.

5. Is there anyone in your family I can help

6. Do you think the election will change our market?




Center of Influence Topics


  • Topic: How can we help each other with growing our business
    • Q: How are things going at work? How can I help?
  • Topic: Major life changes that can affect selling or buying real estate.
    • Q: What has changed in your life since we last spoke?
  • Topic: Time to buy real estate.
    • Q: What do you think about the current mortgage rates?
  • Topic: Find out who they can refer.
    • Q: We’ve helped many homeowners avoid foreclosure, who do you know that I can help?
    • Q: There are many great real estate opportunities in our market, do you know anyone who would be interested?




1. downsizing opportunities – We have a lot of baby boomers looking to downsize from their large homes to properties with less maintenance

2.  First time homebuyers – We are still experiencing low interenst rates and there have not been a time to buy like this since 1999, wh do you know that is thinking to become a homeowner?

3.  Short sale – The market saw a lot of buyers purchase when the market was at it highest, we have experienced a lot of homeowner that are now upside down.  iyou know we offer assistance with the short sale education and assistance process?

4.  Upsizing – You know with the interest rates so low, and some really great buys on the market have you thought about repositioningyourself now to buy that dream home?

5.  Pricing property – A topic on appraisals and the cma, how we price property

6. who buys when in our market,  timing the market, season when we have first time buyers, boomers and investors

7.  Waiting for the economy, benefits to selling now vs. waiting to reposition

8.  the number of homes that are selling and the average time on the market




I’m looking to help some families in February and March find their next home or sell their current home.  Who do you know that I could possibly help?

There are some great things happening in the real estate market right now………can I share with you what they are?

Very few people have been fortunate enough to time the market as well as someone could today.  Who do you know that I could help?

How can I help you in your business?  Let’s see who can send the most referrals in the next 60 days……loser buys lunch.

Interest rates are 4% and lower and you can fix it for 30 years.  Money is cheap.  Thousands of dollars will be saved over the next five years because of locking into a low interest rate today!!

There are so many options today… can choose a quality home or condo today at a discount but the quality is depleting fast so who do you know looking for a quality property at a great price?




1. They have been slashing prices in that neighborhood that you are always asking about.

2. Have you been having any problems with your house?

3.Sales are increasing..(just to get them to start talking about real estate)

4. Intrest rates are at all time lows.(again statement to get them starting to talk RE)

5. For older people use ….Sure is alot of house for you to maintain?

6.Joe down the street just listed his house….to get conversation going..




Who do you know looking to sell or buy.

When are you planning to sell or buy.

Know you bought in the height of the market, how are you doing with it.

How are family members with their’s

What can I do to help you with your business.

What are your plans for the future with Real Estate.




1. Updating my database

2. Are you still on the “Taxes business” and it eh same location?

3. Just touching base, thinking on you because all the great deals that we have on the market and the interest rate, wondering if you are considering doing new investments.

4. Lot of New Construction is coming into the market, so are you considering start building new houses again?

5. Just looking for an update about new loan programs on the market for first time buyers that I could sent on your way

6. Sharing a list of great deals on the market down here that you may want to forward to your clients. Perfect time to make an investment.



1. An idea of mortgage rates.

2. Future home plans.

3. How foreclosures/short sales work.

4. Investment property ideas.

5. Real estate activity.

6. Ask about their home investment.




1. Here’s one I used today with circle of influence ..” I know a mortgage lender that will pay all  of the closing cost if you happen to know some one looking to buy” ..

2. Our office has been so busy with helping costumers if you know some one that could use our service .. give me a call ..( not exactly in those words )