Mental Approach To Real Estate Automation

Real estate agents across the country are looking to automate everything in their real estate business. This is a trend that started about 5 years ago and has picked up momentum every year since.

Automation is fun and the benefits to your business can be significant to the amount of leads you generate and the amount of revenue you can create.

Marketing Automation for real estate can also come with its challenges.

In this article, I want to discuss the Mental Approach to Real Estate Automation:

What is the Mental Approach?

Prior to developing a new system in your business, it is critical that you have a clear vision of what it is that you want to accomplish with that system.

Too often, real estate agents start building systems with no end goal in mind. When that happens, it typically takes longer to build and when it is complete, it may not hit the target that you first envisioned.

Two Totally Different Approaches to Automation

1) You want to Save Time.

2) You want to Increase Your Return On Time.

The most common goal for real estate agents is to save time. I agree that automation can save you time but it too often come at a cost of revenue. Meaning, someone can automate a part of his or her lead generation and save a lot of time. But, saving time does not always mean making more money.

I suggest that you use automation to save you time AND use that extra time to develop out other systems that will drive you more income from lead generation. Not only have you saved time but also you then reinvested that time to make more money. This is how automation helps you make more money.

For many real estate agents, this is NOT what they want to hear. Too many agents approach marketing automation wanting to save time so they can work less.

They have the ‘Do Nothing and Everything Occurs’ mindset which is not likely to happen in our business.

The best approach is one I mentioned above. Spend you time automating different segments of your business. Automate the servicing side as well as the generating side but keep working. Don’t rely on these systems to replace you.

If you follow this approach then you will see a huge increase in the amount of money you make, the return on your time and it will lead you to an early retirement with lots of wealth.

You build wealth over time and you are not likely to build wealth if you don’t put in the time.

The Mental Approach Formula

Real Estate Automation + Time = Wealth

Real Estate Automation – Time = Income