Pitfalls to Avoid while Prospecting

Pitfalls to Avoid while Prospecting

A top producing real estate agent typically builds their business through various sources of prospecting. Prospecting can include making phone calls, door knocking or various other forms of lead generation.

I want to share some of the pitfalls and mistakes that we see all the time in agents who prospect.

Avoid these mistakes and you are on your way to the top.

1) Irregular starting time – You must have a prospecting schedule that starts and stops at the same time everyday. Make it a prospecting ritual.

2) The agent doesn’t have a contact goal for the day – Do not go into your generating session thinking I am just going to prospect for three hours. Think about how many contacts you will make in that period of time and make that your minimum standard.

3) The agent prospects to make contacts but forgets to ask for appointments – Contacts give you access to appointments. Too many agents forget that and make a lot of contacts but never get any business.

4) Failure to role play – Once you have mastered the scripts, do not stop practicing. Practicing on the prospect is not appropriate. You must always be learning.

5) Lack of consistency – You must do this EVERYDAY….You cannot prospect today, not tomorrow and then another day in the future. Consistency allows you to build momentum.

6) Avoid Rejection – You will may make 40 contacts in a day and only set one appointment. Meaning, you may get 39 “No’s” in order to get one “Yes”. That is success, not failure.

It is important to understand that people do not reject you while you are prospecting. People may not be interested in what you have to offer yet they are not rejecting you.

Author: Greg Harrelson
Used for company training at Century 21 The Harrelson Group