Preparing for Production in the New Year

By Greg Harelson – Century 21 The Harrelson Group

As the New Year approaches and you begin making those resolutions about your real estate business, you must remember to keep things SIMPLE. Growth is not measured by how many things you change or how big of a change you make. Growth will occur because you work smarter than you did previously.

The following 5 tips will take your real estate career to the next level. These are real solutions by real agents that will create real results.

1. Measure where your business came from last year and add one generation strategy. If you worked Expired’s last year then add FSBO’s to your schedule this year. Adding one additional generating strategy can easily add another 15 deals to you production.

If you worked Open Houses last year then add calling your Past Customers this year. The key is to allocate more time to generating new leads.

2. Get to the office 30 minutes earlier then you did last year. Most agents come into the office around 10am every day. Personally, I feel this unacceptable as a professional. I think the appropriate time for any business professional to be in the office is 8 – 8:30am each morning. No matter what time you came to the office last year, start 30 minutes earlier this year. Remember, the early bird gets the worm.

3. Master one Script. We have learned that once a professional knows what to say, they no longer have the fear of saying it. Most real estate agents are afraid to approach a stranger about buying or selling property. This challenge is mostly fueled by a lack of knowing what to say or how to approach that person. Don’t be overwhelmed by the hundreds of different scripts that you need to learn. Focus on taking one script, master it and then go to the next one. Remember, Keep it Simple!

4. Within the first 2 weeks of the New Year, interview a top producer. This one idea alone could make the difference needed to take you to the next level. Top producers love to share yet very few have the opportunity. Choose 3 top producers in your market and request a 20 minute interview over the phone or ask them to lunch. Most top producers prefer the 20 minute phone interview. Ask them for ideas and techniques. Find out what they do and then go back and implement one of their ideas.

5. When growing your real estate production, you must accept that failures are inevitable. Do not be afraid when you attempt something for the first time and it doesn’t work. Through repetition, you become a master of your craft. Every Top Producing real estate agent will tell you that they failed their way to success. There is a big difference in a failure and a mistake. Mistakes are failures repeated. Avoid mistakes and accept your failures.

The New Year is here and this is your time to choose where you want to go with your real estate career. So many agents choose to play small for fear that playing big requires too much change. Through my years of coaching and mentoring agents, I have learned that small change creates big results and big change creates small results.

I hope this relieves you of your stress about growth and gives you that little push you need to go for it. Any of us can make a small change, right?