Real Estate Agents and Text Messaging – The New Business Builder

The real estate industry has discovered that text messaging is often more effective than email messages. Statistics show that 95% of text messages are opened and read within 5 minutes of receiving. Compare that to emails where roughly 83% of those are NEVER opened.

Text Messaging is about to take over our industry.

Here is one way that Top Real Estate Agents are using Text (SMS) messaging to capture leads and close transactions.

Text Buyer Leads: When you get a lead notification, the first thing you should do is call that lead. But, you know that it is rare that the lead will pick up when you call. Typically, you get voicemail and they don’t call you back for days…if you are lucky.

One reason they don’t take your call is because they are in the middle of doing something. Maybe they are at work and weren’t supposed to be looking on the internet for real estate. If you will text them right after you leave a message, your response rate will go through the roof. If they are sitting at their desk, they will probably sneak the phone under their desk and read your message.

Think about how many times you let an unknown call go to your voicemail. If they would have texted, you would have opened and read the text because you were curious to see whom it was. The same will happen to you and their curiosity leads you to connection.

Top Producers will call, then text, then email. Combine those three together and you will set yourself apart from the others.

To be most effective, use short messages. Get to the point. Don’t waste their time.

A sample text to send after you left a voicemail:

I got your request. The property you searched is really good. I know of a few more. When is the best time to reach you?

The goal is to make the sale but before you get to the sale, you must engage.

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