Real Estate Dashboard – Numbers Tracking System 


Real estate coaches have been begging their agents to start tracking their numbers. For some reason, real estate agents have ignored their coaches and this is likely one of the reasons why so many agents have a hard time hitting their goals.

Have you ever said, “I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing yet my business is not growing?” If you have ever said this then I bet you are NOT tracking your numbers.

Would you ever get into a car without knowing if you had enough gas to get to your  destination?

Would you fly if you knew the pilot was not monitoring his dashboard?

Would you scuba dive without monitoring the levels of oxygen you have left in your tank?

The answers to the above questions are…No!

So why would you risk your business by not knowing exactly what is going on? What you may think the problem is may not be the problem at all. Too many real estate agents are driving their business blind.


Track your numbers with a Real Estate Dashboard. I will tell you more about my custom real estate dashboard. I actually call it RealDashy. I gave it this name so it would stick in my head.


The advantages of using a numbers dashboard:

1)   You can compare where you are today to where you need to be in order to hit your years goal.

2)   If you are off track, you will know what you need to change. Too many agents have no idea and they change the things that are actually working.

3)   You will know if you are ahead of track and if so, you can adjust your goals up.

4)   Frustration will be gone. Most agents are frustrated when they don’t know why something is not working. ‘Why’ will be the least of your worries as soon as you use a tool like RealDashy.

5)   It is easier to stay motivated because you know where you are. You will see progress and that will motivate you.


We need to stop thinking like a real estate agent and think like an entrepreneur. If you were a CEO of a real estate business, you would look at your numbers everyday.

Tracking numbers on a dashboard made specifically for real estate agents is the trend in our industry.

Please email if you would like information on RealDashy Dashboards for Agents.

Start Tracking and your business will blowup.

Greg Harrelson