Real Estate Email Campaigns – Increase Closings by Improving Connection

Real Estate Email Campaigns – Increase Closings by Improving Connection

We have known for years that connecting with the consumer is the way to build your real estate business. As technology evolves, real estate agents can communicate and connect to more people through automation. The key to email campaigns is to communicate to more people but do it in a way that makes the consumer feel as  if you are only talking to them.

Stop sending Generic Email Blasts:

We are tired of getting emails that look and feel like they were delivered to thousands of people. Readers are tuning out these videos.

Here are 3 ways you can increase the amount of times your email is read:

1) Speak to them like you were talking face to face – Be real.

2) Make sure your message is relevant – If you have your database segmented into different groups, you need to send a different email for each group. Talk about what they need to talk about. Not everyone has the same needs.

3) Be careful at how many you are sending per month – Too much or too little can cause you to lose connection with your database. Two emails per month is plenty.

The fact that we can deliver tons of emails at a low cost is a benefit yet make sure that you are delivering a message that will add value to the reader. Always ask, “would I want to read this message?”, “Would I care about this information?”. You would be surprised at how many real estate agents send emails that they themselves would never read.

If you won’t read it, neither will they!

Simple Rules To Live By:

– Deliver a message that matters

– Be Real

– Don’t send them too many emails

You want the reader to feel that you are there to help them…not there to earn a commission.

Last thought – If you are serious about increasing your business through email marketing, you must have a system that allows you to understand the consumers click patterns. The only system out there that is affordable to real estate agents is Infusionsoft. The Infusionsoft system will help you connect at a deeper level as long as you have the right content loaded. To learn more about Infusionsoft and Infusionsoft real estate campaigns, go to
If you are thinking of working with Infusionsoft then use this link to for a free demo of the system: