Reasons Why people set goals and Fail to Follow Through!

The purpose of this article is to discuss the characteristics that successful people have in common. Specifically, the characteristics that inspire them to take massive action and follow through. As you’ll see, the solution is really quite simple and available to each one of us.

First, let’s identify why what it is that causes people to NOT follow through. To simplify the conversation…it’s fear that keeps people from reaching their goals. Some fear failure and some fear success. Only you can determine your own fears.

Successful business people identify an opportunity, measure its potential, apply immediate action, realize desired result and strengthen their beliefs. Wow, I said a lot here so let me break it down a little to make it easier to understand.

Potential – Successful people find inspiration in discovering the potential in an opportunity. In order to follow through on an opportunity, you must be motivated to realize that potential or else you take the risk of losing momentum, losing interest and then changing your focus. Many people fall into this cycle and never get the desired result.

Action – Once a successful business person realizes the potential of an opportunity then they immediately apply action to a plan. Without Action, potential is wasted. Successful business people apply action and unsuccessful business people talk about applying action.

Results – Successful business people don’t have to focus on the result. They focus on the plan because they know that results are nothing more than a ‘natural progression’ to a well thought out plan.

Strong Beliefs – Successful business people believe that they can accomplish anything. This can be a characteristic that is natural yet it can also be learned. In either case, successful business people believe in themselves. It is a habit that successful business people carry.

I urge you to read this a few times and determine how you can apply this to your business life. These are the characteristics that have helped many business people reach their highest goals not only in real estate yet in every business opportunity one can create. One significant reason why people set goals and fail to follow through is that they fail to follow each of the four steps mentioned above. Skipping one step of the process will force you into the cycle of always starting over tomorrow…kind of like a diet. You can work out all you want yet to lose weight you must work out AND eat right. All steps are critical.

Remember, in order to reach goals, you must be around a team of individuals that are in action to reaching goals. Success breeds success. If you know of anyone getting into real estate or thinking of changing companies and are trying to decide what company to work with, I would appreciate you passing on this information in hopes that I can help them build a career.

I have walked many real estate agents through this process in order for them to reach the goals that they wanted yet had something standing in their ways of achieving them. If I can ever help you, please let me know.

Thank you,

Greg Harrelson