Seller Leads for Real Estate Agents (Bold Leads)

Real estate agents have been using marketing automation for years to capture buyer leads. It wasn’t until the last year before the real estate industry figured out how to generate seller leads.

It has been said for years that, ‘Listing sellers is the name of the game’, or, ‘You have to list to last.’ I think most agents would agree to both terms yet build a real estate business based on listings has been the toughest thing to do.

There are many services out there that are helping agents capture seller leads. I have tried many different systems and did find one that actually delivers the seller leads they promise.

Most of the systems on the market are focused around Free Home Valuations. This strategy works as long as you are displaying these adds to actual owners of properties in your target market.

Stay Away from the companies that just randomly post your ads all over Facebook and generate a bunch of so called ‘seller leads’ that do not even own a property.

I have been using Bold Leads to automate seller lead generation in the Internet.

First 45 Days:

– 135 Seller Leads
– 8 Listing Presentations
– 4 Listings Taken
– 123 future sellers leads added to my database

These are fantastic numbers and I have expanded into three different markets because of this success. I am seeing the same results in each market.

I understand that we all want to get more listings yet often do not want to prospect in order to generate them. If you are looking to take your listing business to the next level than you need to check out these resources.

Video – Explanation of How I Convert Seller Leads to Listings

Video – Generating 100 Seller Leads in a month

If you decide you want to check out Bold Leads then click this link to get more information.

Make sure you mention my name and they will send you a copy of My Personal Bold Leads Business Plan.

This business plan explains my step-by-step process to convert seller leads into listings.

I am a busy real estate agent so be assured, I would not be wasting my time with systems if this did not work.

I wish you the best of luck.

Greg Harrelson