The 90 Day ‘Chump to Champ’ Challenge — Dany Drouin

The next 90 days allows you the opportunity to set yourself up for fantastic production in 2012. As we know, the difference between those who get great results versus those who produce World Class results is the simple term: “EXECUTION

The following tasks are required from you in order to reach your stated goal of adding a minimum of 6 more transactions to this year’s production.

Name: Dany Drouin

1. You must make a total of 40 new contacts per day. (200 per week minimum)

2. You must prospect your SLD database daily until you have called them all (20/day 100/wk)

3. You must make a total of 10 Lead Follow Contacts per day. (50 week)

4. You must prospect 2 nights per week for 2 hours each night

5. You must conduct ALL DAY prospecting once per week (6 hours minimum – SLD calls only)

6. You must prospect one Saturday each month. (3 hours minimum)

7. Request a price reduction every 21 days on each active listing. (You must attempt to reduce all of your listing inventory three times over the phone in the next 90 days)

8. You must call 25 FSBO’s per week (considered new contacts for point #1)

9. You must call all new expireds three times per day for three consecutive days.

10. You must work out at 5:30 am Monday through Friday

11. You must write down 5 things each day that you are grateful for in your life. Hang the note in your station daily.

I, Dany Drouin, am in need of someone to hold me accountable to my goals. If you agree, you have my permission to ask me about my progress as much as you want. I also request that you speak FRANKLY with me at anytime I am lacking integrity by not living up to my commitments. If you agree, please sign below.


Dany Drouin                         Accountability Partner

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