Things I’ve learned or remembered in the past 14 days

1. If you want to motivate yourself at the highest level, If you want to be on fire in your business and in your life… You must seek to motivate your peers. You must stoke the fire in others if you want your fire to burn hot. Motivating your peers is the accountability that you need to motivate yourself. Stop trying to figure out how to motivate yourself…focus on motivating someone else and be aware of how it impacts you.

2. I have to stop trying to figure out why people are not growing their businesses at a faster pace. The answer is right in front of us every day. The answer to our growth is within the numbers. Reviewing your numbers on a daily basis will uncover the challenges and will make you aware of the solutions. The numbers should dictate your actions.

3. Starting your day without an agenda or an intention will lead to unpredictable results and disappointment. Starting your day with an agenda or an intention will lead you to accomplishment and fulfillment.

4. When attempting to create and execute new business strategies…break down the idea into small components and commit to executing each component. It may take longer to do it this way yet it will get complete. When done correctly, every time you complete a component you will have increased your business.

5. There is a difference in how we think selling real estate works and how the consumer thinks selling real estate works. We are the professionals and know we are right yet if they don’t understand what we are doing then they think we are doing nothing. Communicating your value is critical to keeping your clients happy. They don’t understand that using scripts, having great negotiation skills, asking for reductions and other strategies are the best way to get a property sold and maximize their profits or minimize their losses. Start sharing more about what we do and they will be more responsive.