Top Real Estate Agent Thought

I wanted to run something by you both to see if you have experienced the same thing.  I am hearing conversations that other agents are having during their negotiations and I know it’s costing them deals.  Since a negotiation is nothing more than a different version of the listing conversation, it’s probably costing them listings too.

When the seller has an offer on the table, I think it has become critical that they know that we are on their side.  In the past, we had to push harder because we didnt know if and when another offer would come, and if it did it was usually gonna be lower.  I still convey to sellers that any offer is a good one, and they need to work with each one equally to try to pull it together but………if they want to counter a little higher than I think they should, great, lets do it.  If they want to scratch out a home warranty and go back one more time, fine.  I will still make sure they always know the risk of losing a deal over something small but the important part is that they understand we are a team.  This is a HUGE investment in our rapport and they will ultimately do what I suggest most of the time because it becomes something “we come up with together”.  The trust you gain with a seller when they really feel like you support them and truly are trying to get the most $ for them is HUGE.  In the past, our VALUE to the seller was getting them any offer they could accept.  Now, we have to really know their situation, and show that our value is in finding them the best FINANCIAL EXIT STRATEGY for their property.

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