We make selling real estate harder than it really is!

It is amazing how many agents only sell one or two homes a year. I am not referring to those agents who are part time; there are full time agents that still sell under 4 homes per year. Many of these agents actually work very hard yet receive nothing in return.

I was thinking about these agents over the weekend and I wanted to offer a few unsolicited tips in hopes that at least one of these agents would find some value. The following tips are brief, simple and can be executed in minutes.

1. Start every day with an agenda. Each morning, write down three things that you hope to accomplish and don’t leave the office until complete.

2. Call a minimum of 5 people and ask them who they know that may need to buy or sell.

3. Follow up on every lead you have and ask them when they may actually do something. You need to know the goals of your leads.

4. Post 5 ads on Craigslist so you have a chance to generate a few more leads.

5. Call a top producing agent and ask them questions on how they became successful. Follow those that are already successful.

6. Consider hiring a mentor.

The above tips are extremely basic yet it doesn’t take much to go from 5 deals per year to 20 deals per year. This type of growth is easily done when you have a positive mindset and a daily plan.

That’s it for today. Have a great day in real estate.

Find someone in need of an agent and serve them well.

Greg Harrelson

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent