What Makes you Different than the Other Agents

What’s the difference between you and all the other agents in the business?

When you take a good look at any market, you will find that the difference between you and the other agents is very little. Of course, some agents do very little business, some do a little business and others do a lot of business.

What is the difference?

Think about it, we all have the same multiple listing service (MLS). We all advertise in similar ways. We all have signs for our listings and grant access though MLS lockboxes. We all have companies that guide us and answer our questions yet we don’t all do the same amount of business.

I asked my coach this question recently and we came up with a few thoughts that I wanted to pass on.

We determined that the following 3 distinctions make all agents different.

  1. Attitude – We all know the times in real estate have been challenging in the past few years. In good times and in tough times, it is your attitude that determines your result. You have to be able to see opportunity in the midst of chaos and you can only do this by looking forward versus looking in reverse. The solution to success is in front of you and when you bring a positive approach to your business then you will attract positive outcomes. Don’t let doubt keep you from making the right moves in your business.


  1. Approach – Now that you have that winning attitude, it is your approach that you must evaluate. I have always said that MOST real estate training programs work…it is the agent that fails to work the program. Your approach to sales must be planned; it must be executed and must be monitored.


  1. Expectations – Okay, you have a powerful attitude, you are following a plan and now you have to look at your expectations. Do you know beyond a doubt that you will be successful or are you hoping that things will work out for you? Don’t underestimate the power of confidence. You must expect that great things will come from your actions. The times that things don’t go as planned, look for the lesson and move forward. So often, if you expect the worse…you get the worse. What is the risk of expecting the best?


The real estate market is obviously showing positive signs. It is up to you to speculate if we are on the rebound or not. One thing we know for sure is that we cannot control the market. There will always be agents that thrive in any market conditions. The market could go up, could go down or could stay flat. If you have the right attitude, take the right approach and have positive expectations…you will thrive. This is why you will be different from all of the other salespeople.

The fastest way to THRIVE in sales is to surround yourself with others who THRIVE. Stay away from the naysayers and if you are a naysayer…Stop…it serves nobody.

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Happy Selling,

Greg Harrelson