Why some agents reach goals and some do not!

The Difference between an agent who is constantly reaching goals and those that fall short.

Written by: Greg Harrelson
Source: Recent company coaching call topic

There seem to be a few types of agents:

1) An agent who has a lot of skills but lacks the discipline to apply their skills everyday.

2) An agent who has lower skills but works their tails off everyday.

In either case, both agents will have their challenges…

Agent (1) will feel like they can do it but always be confused as to why they don’t apply.

Agent (1) is frustrated all of the time knowing they have the tools but don’t apply them.

Agent (1) is always willing to help others yet they go home feeling they should be doing what they preach.


Agent (2) feels that no one can out-work them.

Agent (2) look down to others that do not have the same work ethic as they do and feel that they are always getting less than they deserve.

Agent (2) feels like they have a job that resembles manual labor versus a profession. They often question if they are in the right place or if they should be doing something else.

Both of these agents are Different yet the Same:

Neither is getting the results they desire nor are the fulfilled in their profession.

What are both of these agents lacking that if they had it, everything would change?


The difference between the agents that reach their goals (whatever the goals are) is a difference in belief and confidence….


– a lack of confidence that following a script is actually a professional approach versus a slick salesman approach
– a lack of confidence that attaches them to rejection. They do not fear rejection itself, they fear how they interpret rejection.
– a lack in confidence that they have a value to add to a real estate transaction.
– a lack of confidence that they sound good on the phone


– a belief that they are helping people
– a belief that they are qualified to do a great job
– a belief that people need their services
– a belief that they can be successful

What is the Solution?:

1) You must understand that you have what it takes, it is already in you and you just have to allow yourself to let it out.

2) You must understand that repetition builds confidence. Lack of repetition is a confidence killer.

3) You must understand that practice builds confidence

4) You must understand that you are not wrong for lacking confidence; you just haven’t practiced enough to gain the confidence necessary to reach your goals.

……Think about this:

For those of you that are not doing the things we ask or are doing the things we ask and not getting the results…..You are probably not practicing

This is great news….Why?

Because the power is in your hands. You control your destiny. If you want more then all you have to do is put in more. More Input will deliver more output.

You must understand that when your confidence increases, your belief in yourself increases. There is a direct correlation between the two.