Will You Give Us a Deal on the Commission?

One of my agents was sent an email by a listing lead who asked this question and they consulted with me for training.

The following information is what I suggest that my agent discuss with the potential seller.

Here was my response to my agents question…

First of all…Do NOT answer this question via email. This is something that you have to discuss over the phone. It’s harder for them to object on the phone.

Questions and Random comments for the potential seller:

Q. If you needed an attorney to defend you because you’ve been wrongly accused of murder, would you look for an attorney who will give you the best deal or the attorney that will most likely win the case and set you free?

Q. When you are about to hire a heart surgeon to perform heart surgery on a loved one, do you look for the best deal or the most qualified?

You see, the best deal doesn’t typically yield you the best results.

On average, our office negotiates over 1% more in final sales price for our owners than our competition does. So, you will be able to find somebody to do it for 5% but then you will end up taking 1+% less in final sales price because of poor negotiating skills. Yes, it feels like a better deal on the front but ends up costing you more money on the backend.

You see Mr/Mrs Seller, it is not about what I get, It’s about what you get. And, I am sure you are wanting to get the most money, correct?

Mr. seller, you have to also understand that I am only charging 3% and the other agent will get 3% if they bring the buyer. That’s a total of 6% but it doesn’t all go to me. And, we both know that we cannot take money away from the other agents or they won’t show the property.

I do think I understand your position though. What I believe is that you want to make sure that you net as much money in your pocket as you can, is that correct?

Knowing that is the goal, it is going to be my aggressive marketing plan, the marketing resources that we have invested in and continue to invest in and my ability to attract buyers and negotiate you a higher price that’s going to help you reach that goal.

I am sure there have been times in the past where you felt like you were getting a deal and maybe even a steal to find out later that the quality of the product or service wasn’t worth it in the end. This applies to the real estate industry. If you choose an agent that cannot negotiate their own value and doesn’t have the marketing resources as we do, it is going to hurt you in the end.

Mr. seller, I will put more money in your pocket then another agent. I know that’s what you want so go ahead and allow me to get started, OK?