Developing Leaders Within and Around You

What are you doing to develop yourself personally?

  • Leadership growth is not automatic. It takes time.
  • Self discipline is the price tag of leadership.
  • The dream is free but the journey isn’t…too many people fall in love with the dream but not the journey.
  • It’s an uphill journey.
  • My greatest challenge in leadership is not in leading you…my biggest challenge is leading myself.
  • Self discipline helps you go uphill.
  • No one gets to the top on accident. Every step has a price to pay.
  • Self discipline makes consistency possible.
  • Consistency compounds.
  • You need to separate best and better.

Best versus Better

We need separate best and better. Whenever you feel you are at your best…it’s only for that moment because tomorrow you could be a little bit better. Your “best” today is your “better” tomorrow.

A Leader’s Greatest Return

  • Developing followers is easy…developing leaders is more difficult.
  • If you can grow your leaders, you can grow your organization.
  • People have the tendency to over evaluate their dream under evaluate their team.
  • You will never accomplish the dream you have until you develop a team that can accomplish that dream.
  • You will reach the dream based on the capacity of your team.
  • Culture eats vision for lunch.

Motivating Leaders

  • Managers lead everyone the same…leaders lead everyone differently.
  • You must find what motivates them and feed them that as food.
  • Lead people from where they are…not where you are.

The Law of Awareness Leadership…

You must know your people to lead your people.

7 Motivations Of People

  • Purpose – A great motivator for some people. They want to find their purpose.
  • Autonomy – Motivated by their freedom.
  • Relationships – They are driven to be around people they care about.
  • Recognition – The desire to be awarded and recognized by peers.
  • Progress – Inspired to see growth and results.
  • Mastery – Lead to excel at what they do. Excel at their skill.
  • Money – Some people love the money.

How do you find what motivates someone?

A highly motivated purpose will score high in at least 4 of the motivations above.

Empowering Leaders

  • An irreplaceable leader is not a great leader.

10-80-10 Rule

10% – You have to be involved in the project.
  • Communication – Communicate the Vision
  • Mission – Why we are doing this?
  • Values – The spirit of getting things done.
  • Resources – Give them what they need.
80% – They are empowered to do the work.
  • Empowered people add more ideas then you initially gave them.
  • They have to make decisions and solve some problems.
  • They get to practice leadership.
10% – Put the cherry on the top.
  • Make a few tweaks to bring what they done to a higher level.
  • Give them recognition for what they’ve done.
  • Give them the credit.

Mentoring Leaders

  • Who are you going to mentor to take your place?
  • You must pour yourself into someone so they can continue what you do.
  • Who mentors you is as important as what they say.
  • The mentor teaches what they know but also gives off an essence which impacts you. You will catch the spirit of the mentor.
  • It’s the spirit of the mentor that matters.
  • Your learning is accelerated when you find a mentor that is contagious. It’s when you love the teacher more than the teaching.
  • The key to mentoring people successfully is having upfront expectations of them.

Mentoring Expectations

“We” expectations….

  1. We will find things we can agree on together.
  2. We will make each other better
  3. We will both get an ROI from our time together

“You” expectations…

  1. You must come ready.
  2. You set agenda.
  3. If the progress stops, so do you.
  4. You must improve, not just learn.
  5. You must mentor others.

“I” Expectations…

  1. I will be a safe person.
  2. I will give you my best.
  3. I will always look out for your best interest.
A great mentor always wants to see the people they mentor go farther than themselves.
What are you doing to develop others around you into leaders?