How To Leverage Real Geeks To Generate “Come List Me” Calls

Would you like to learn how to generate “Come List Me” Calls?

I think most agents across the industry would answer yes to that question. Unfortunately, most agents never learn how to generate listing leads that call the agent. Fortunately though, it is much easier than agents think.

Of course, Real Geeks as a platform makes it much easier. Most people see CRM’s and IDX websites as a way to generate buyer leads and never discover how to leverage the technology to generate seller leads.

First off, “Come list me calls” are created over time when you have developed top of mind awareness within a database/community.

Too often, agents go too broad and they think they can blast the entire market. You can use that shotgun approach and hit something from time to time, but never establish true authority.

The art in ‘come list me calls’ is to take a smaller database and go deep in the value you offer. You can go deep in your offering if you are choosing a community to market to versus a market to market to.

The videos you make, the social media posts you create and blogs you may write will be more targeted if it is to one community versus one market. The more targeted your efforts, the better conversion you will have.

Below I will walk you through a very simple strategy for generating future ‘come list me’ calls. The agents who follow this consistently on a monthly basis for a full year will see a major difference in the make of their business.

How To Leverage Real Geeks For Seller Leads

1.  Systematically Build A Property Owner Database One Community At A Time

a.  Circle Prospecting – Choose communities you want to dominate

b.  COI\Past Clients


2.  Set Up Real Geeks Automation

a.  WorkFlows

b.  Market Activity Reports – Monthly

c.  Sold Reports – bi weekly


3.  Upload Each Community To Facebook as a Custom Audience – HOME WORTH

Post The “Home Worth’ Widget monthly to each community

Call every lead the day you see they checked their value.

If no answer, enable the  ‘Seller – No Answer” Workflow already built out in the RG account.


4.  Boost A Market Update Video to that same custom audience once per month


5.  Email Your Entire Seller Database

a.  Send a Market Update video once per month. (Consistency is key)


6.  Monitor The Live Feed

a.  When you see the Market Activity Reports going out and people opening them…text them this… “Hi ______, I sent you the latest Market Activity Report, did you get a chance to look at it?”  This can be built as a one text workflow. You see they opened, you click their name and enable workflow.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level and get more value out of Real Geeks then join our Real Geeks Mastery Coaching program.

Extra credit:

If you want to take this to another level…

  • Email a Quarterly Market Update
  • Direct Mail them a Just Sold card every 90 days
  • Call them every 90 days

When you follow this strategy, be assured, you will generate listing leads who call you.

You have earned the right to list their property due to the value that you have delivered.

You delivered value to them when they didn’t need you, so they will now deliver value to you when they need to sell.

Because of the educational approach you took in your communication, they have confidence in your abilities and they feel comfortable with you.

That’s Why They Call You To List Them.