7 Simple Actions That Build New Year Momentum

Create Immediate Momentum In Your Real Estate Business

As the first month of the year comes to a close, it’s important to ensure that we have a productive start to the year. Unfortunately, many people don’t become motivated until January is over, which means they only have 11 months to reach their 12-month goals. To give ourselves the best chance of achieving our 2023 goals, it’s essential to focus on the things that matter, be intentional with our time, and take action on our ideas.
One way to ensure we are productive is to focus on our business goals. By being intentional with our day, we can set specific times for lead generation, follow-up, and marketing efforts. Additionally, it’s important to execute on our ideas, rather than trying to tackle one big project that may not be completed.
To build momentum for the new year, here are 7 simple actions that can be done in the next two weeks:
  1. Add 10 people to your database per day and set up an automated market report that will be sent out from your CRM each month.
  2. Text 10 past buyers per day until you have reached them all.
  3. Text 10 center of influence (COI) or sphere of influence (SOI) per day for the next 14 days or until you have reached them all. As a bonus, create a video and text it to them.
  4. Call 5 past sellers per day until you have reached them all. Ask them who they know that may be interested in selling a home like the one you sold for them.
  5. Go into your CRM and call 10 old buyer leads that you haven’t spoken to in months. Reviving old leads can breathe new life into your database.
  6. Create a 1-2 sentence vision statement for the new year and rewrite it each morning.
  7. Take 5 minutes each morning to read your vision statement aloud, visualize 3 things you are grateful for today, 3 things you want from your day, and 3 things you want to be for others today.
By implementing these simple actions, we can start the year off on the right foot, build momentum, and increase our chances of achieving our 2023 goals.
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