How To Master Real Geeks Tech

Are you ready to master Real Geeks and make it your highest performing investment?

Follow these steps and you will turn your technology expense into an online real estate asset producing a high ROI.

First… you must understand that Real Geeks is an investment, not an expense. Your water bill at home is an expense because it doesn’t give you a financial return. But when used correctly, you can leverage the Real Geeks technology to earn thousands each month. There are plenty of Real Geeks users that invest $300 per month and earn $5000 per month on profit. Where else can you make that type of return?

Here are the first steps to Turn your tech expense into an investment in tech:

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Start with the basics:

  1. Go through a site audit to determine what is incomplete and make it your mission to complete what is missing immediately.
  2. Link your company’s social profiles to your site.
  3. Add unique content that cannot be found anywhere else.

Set up Advanced Search Filters

  • Allow the system to auto populate your preferred call list.

Connect and Engage

  • Set up your workflows and make sure each contact is activated based on where they are in the buying process.

Focus On Retargeting

  • Start Facebook marketing to your existing audience. Start building a customized audience on Facebook and get them engaged.

Generate Seller Leads Weekly

  • Real Geeks is not only for buyer leads. Many agents generate and convert leads into listings.
  • Seller leads require longer nurture time so make sure you leverage the workflow features.

When you master real geeks you will discover many ways to use it to grow your business and grow your profits. Choose one area and master it, then take on another area one at a time.

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