Real Geeks Pricing vs KV Core

Use this comparison article to determine which IDX will work best for the way you want to drive your business.

I have been fortunate to use both Real Geeks and KV Core IDX websites. So, this comparison is valid based on my personal experience and not the opinions of others. And, I have never had a falling out with either website provider making this a true comparison of features, benefits and pricing.

We know that price matters so we can start off by saying Real Geeks is the best value. For the same features as the competition, Real Geeks pricing comes in around $249 while the others sites are going to get you for around $1000 or more per month.

The following categories are what we believe to be the essential features you will need in a website.

Lead Generation

It should be considered that most website providers are not lead generators. They are lead management systems. Real Geeks and KV Core offer additional lead generation services that include Google PPC (pay per click) as well as Social Media marketing.

Real Geeks appears to be superior in the area of SEO and we receive hundreds of leads on a monthly basis for FREE. These leads come to us because of the ease of building out community pages on the Real Geeks website. 

We have attempted to build the same types of pages on the KV Core website but we have never been able to get them ranked as well as the pages on Real Geeks. This is an important feature because you need free leads in order to keep your lead cost down and make a good ROI. I believe this must be factored in when considering Real Geeks pricing.

In the area of lead generation, we see Real Geeks as being the best value by far.

Social Media Lead Generation

KV Core and Real Geeks have a very easy to use Social Media Posting platform. We do not see Social Media as a significant driver of high quality leads for real estate agents, but in both cases this is a great feature where both platforms excel.

We do know that we have been generating Seller Leads via the Real Geeks Social Posting Tool for less than $2 per lead and they are mostly full sign up leads. Of course, every market will have different results but this is what happens in my market when we post correctly.

Website Buildout – Real Geeks versus KV Core

Most agents neglect to think about building out a website where buyers and sellers with enjoy the experience. KV Core has great designs yet we question how fast the websites load due to the heavy graphics.

Our Real Geeks sites rank extremely well on Google. In most cases, the community pages will rank at the top. This is important in generating organic traffic to your website at no costs.  We find that Real Geeks is easier to build out. You do not need a webmaster to build it for you. The tutorials are all there for you to do it yourself.

SEO / Google Rankings

As mentioned above, both websites look great. But, if you are looking for rankings then our experience shows us that Real Geeks will likely rank in your market over KV Core. Most website vendors are not going to talk about this because they don’t want you to rank your website. 

If your website ranks and generates free leads then you do not have to pay them to generate leads for you. This is why we like Real Geeks so much.

MLS Compatibility

Both KV Core and Real Geeks are equally compatible with the MLS. The only advantage that we have experienced is that you can call Real Geeks and ask them to add additional search criteria to show up on the Advanced Search options. We see it to be a big benefit when you can actually get help from the Help Desk.

Drip Campaigns / Workflows

KV Core and Real Geeks both have great drip campaign abilities. Both companies also give you suggested pre-written campaigns or various subjects. We have found the Real Geeks campaigns more effective since they were written by real estate agents and not tech staff.

CRM Tagging Capabilities

Both KV and RG do a very good job in the area.

Member Community 

Real Geeks has a Private FB Mastermind Group that has over 10,000 members. At any point, you can go to the page and see live real estate coaching as well as see members sharing tons of great tips and ideas. This alone is worth the price of Real Geeks.

Real Geeks vs KV Core Pricing / Value

There is no IDX solution that will be a better value than Real Geeks. The latest pricing is $249 per month. Our bill with KV Core is over $1000 per month, BoomTown is in the $1000 range and REW is around $500 per month.

If you want a great price and do not want to give up on any major features then Real Geeks is the way to go. 

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At Real Estate Sales Solutions, we are committed to providing the best information for real estate agents. We take our experiences and report what we find. 

If you are looking for a real estate IDX solution and price is important…you will find Real Geeks pricing to be the best value by far.

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